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September 2, 2011

Bumbleride Flite 2011

It's the sophomore year for the Bumbleride Flite. He's not the new kid in town anymore and he sure is coming into his own. While we were impressed with the Flite last year, it is even better for 2011. The Flite is still the great lightweight, umbrella-fold stroller that is great for travel and is multi-talented with its car seat compatibility.

If he's so great, what is different about the Flite 2011? Here are the changes:

  • The Flite had a little work done on his handle support brace. You may not notice the improvement at first glance but as soon as you push the little fella, you will notice that the handle support brace no longer pops up. Yep, they fixed him! Yeah!!
  • The Flite rain cover has been redesigned. It is non pvc but it is no longer included with the stroller. You have to buy it separately. Bumbleride removed it as an included accessory due to consumer feedback because not all mamas live in rainy climates.
  • The Flite canopy has been redesigned to include an SPF 45 lining.
  • There is an updated wheel system for better maneuverability.
  • Harness straps have been updated.
  • The 2011 Flite is NOT compatible with the 2011 carrycot. If you can snag a 2010 carrycot - it is compatible with that one.
  • Two new fabric collections: Movement and Natural.

Whew...that's a lot of changes. We told you the Flite is coming into his own! Let's get into the specifics! The Flite weighs in at a light 13 lbs and folds into an umbrella-tight package that is perfect for traveling. It even has a shoulder strap and a carrying handle to make your trips even easier.

Even though it folds into a compact package, Bumbleride didn't skimp on the size of the seat. The seat is large and roomy, making for a comfortable ride for even an older child. The seat is wide and tall enough for our 2 and 4 1/2 year old testers. The seat is 13" wide and has a 20" seat back and a tall measurement of 27" from seatback to canopy that will accommodate taller children. Our 4 1/2 year old tester at 41" fit in the seat no problem without his head even hitting the canopy. And with a high weight capacity of 50 lbs, even our older toddlers and children can hop in for a ride. There is a padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety with the Bumbleride one touch harness buckle release that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips. (Note: this buckle makes it faster for toddlers to escape too!)

The seat has a very deep recline but stops just shy of flat. With the two-handed strap system, the seat can be set in many positions. The seat sports an adjustable leg rest with two positions that accommodates small babies and bigger toddlers alike.

There are no baby or parent trays or even a bumper bar on the Flite but there is the Bumbleride cup holder that can attach to either side of the stroller. There is also a great accessory for baby called the Snack Pack that is sold separately. The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside. NOTE: The Snack Pack has to be removed to fold the Flite.

One Bumbleride feature that we love but is still missing on the Flite is a huge canopy. Yes, they added a 45 SPF lining in the canopy, which is great, but we want more. Bigger is better in the canopy world. Moms like big canopies and the canopy on the Flite is...well...kinda small. We wish it at least had a pop out sun visor for a little more sun protection. The canopy sports a UV mesh peek-a-boo window and back zipper opening that allows air to circulate through the stroller seat.

The taller, ergonomic handles are going to be appreciated by taller parents since they are almost 40" from ground to where your hands go. There is a small basket underneath that can hold a small to medium diaper bag, purse or other baby essentials. We love that the basket is easy to access from the front of the stroller so it is never a problem even when the seat is fully reclined.

The Flite rolls on four sets of 5 1/2" wheels and a dual front and rear suspension system that gives baby a smooth ride. The wheel system has been updated to improve the maneuverability even more and even though we aren't sure what they did, we can tell that the maneuverability has improved. The front wheels are swivel wheels but can be locked straight individually to handle grass and a bit bumpier terrain a little better. The rear wheels have individual locks on each wheel to lock the stroller in place. Our complaint last year was that the connector bar between the handlebars didn't stay locked down. We are happy to report that Bumbleride is one of those companies that really listens to their customers and they fixed it. They did a little work on the support bar and now when we push and turn the Flite, the support bar no longer pops up. Sure, it adds one more little baby step in the fold and unfold but it's totally worth it! Thanks, Bumbleride!

When we travel, light strollers are our BFF. That's why we love that the Flite is only 13 lbs and with the portable carry strap, it's a great travel companion.

The Flite has a two-handed fold that is rather easy to do. Pull up on the two release triggers just below each handlebar. Then lift up on the rear step with your foot to release the rear support bars, pop up that support bar between the handlebars and push it forward until the stroller folds down to the ground. We love that the Flite has and automatic lock to keep the stroller locked while transporting! The folded stroller is very compact and can fit in the tightest of trunks and spaces.

While many other lightweight umbrella strollers don't accommodate an infant car seat, the Flite accepts almost all infant car seats with the included car seat adapter to make it a lightweight travel system. It accepts Graco, Chicco, Britax, Peg Perego, Combi and Baby Trend infant car seats but check Bumbleride's website just to make sure yours is compatible. NOTE: The car seat adapter must be removed to fold the stroller.

If an umbrella stroller that can be a travel system doesn't excite you, the Flite also can become a lightweight pram with the addition of the 2010 Bumbleride Carrycot! Did you catch that? The 2011 Flite is ONLY compatible with the 2010 Carrycot! That means the new 2011 Carrycot will not work with it. So, if you are looking for a Flite pram - you have to snag a 2010 Carrycot. If you can get one of last years carrycots it is totally owrth it because it combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier. The Carrycot is not only beautiful but roomy and suitable from newborn up to 19 lbs. The Carrycot lets you transform the seat of the Flite into a rolling bed for your infant.

If you have checked out the other 2011 Bumbleride models, you will know that 2011 is all about the fabrics. They introduced two new fabric collections in addition to the current Classic Edition and the Flite is available in all three.

When deciding which Flite Edition is right for you, there are three collections to consider: Movement Edition, Natural Edition and the Classic Edition.


Bumbleride Movement

If you are a sporty parent, we think the Movement Edition is for you! The Movement Edition sports a stretchy, water resistant sport fabric, SPF 45 sun canopy and two striking color combinations. When visualizing this edition, think athletic wear with a slick, light feel that will be excellent in hotter weather. That is what the fabric is like. It's sportier, it's water-resistant and the fabric just feels lighter because it's thinner. The Movement Edition is available in black with a turquoise piping and in gray with orange piping.


Bumbleride Natural

Maybe you are more Soleil Moon Frye than Sporty Spice? Maybe you are a green, eco-friendly parent? If so, the Natural Edition is for you!

The Bumbleride Natural Edition is for the eco-minded mama that is looking for a more natural choice. The interior of the stroller is made of a bamboo, nylon blend that will wick away moisture from the body and is a higher thread count than the other fabrics. The exterior fabric on the Natural Edition strollers is made of a recycled polyester blend. This edition is available in two fabulous colors: Ocean (a deep blue) and Walnut (a chocolate brown). And what we love about these colors is that they are subtle with no funky contrasting colors. Just blue or just brown! Very simple. Plus, we can tell that the fabric is softer than the Classic Bumbleride fabric.


Bumbleride Classic

Not sure the Movement Edition or the Natural Edition is right for you? Good thing the Classic Collection is still available and offers the most color choices. The Classic fabrics are lower thread count, not as water resistant as Movement or Natural and not quite a soft, but they are still fabulous. The Classic colors include Ruby (red), Lava (black), Vita (pink) and Seagrass (green).

Overall, the BumbleRide Flite is a lightweight stroller that is great for travel and does everything but all-terrain and jogging. We love that the handle support brace and the wheel system were redesigned and the seat is just as big as ever. If you are looking for a beautiful, lightweight, umbrella stroller that is stocked with style and features, then the Flite might be the stroller for you.
Don't forget to check out our video review of the Bumbleride Flite 2011 by clicking the video below:




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