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Stroll-Air My Duo Stroller

The My Duo is Stroll-Air's newest addition to their stroller line. This side-by-side stroller has some standout features that make it unique and fabulous in the world of double strollers! The My Duo is perfect for not only twins but siblings of different ages.

As most moms of two children know, finding the perfect double stroller for you can be a daunting task. This double stroller has some outstanding features that could possibly make it the double stroller for you.

Our favorite features of the stroller that makes it different than others on the market are the independently reversible seats and the ability to accept two infant car seats at once. Plus, the My Duo sports two full-reclining seats on a narrow frame, adjustable handle and footrests, gigantic basket, front and back suspension and large rear wheels.

First, when we are talking about a full-size, side-by-side stroller, we want to know how wide it is. Is it going to fit through doorways? Absolutely! The My Duo is a slim (in the world of doubles!) 29 inches wide, making it glide easily through standard doorways.

In order to keep the frame narrow to fit through doorways, Stroll-Air made the seats a bit narrower than others at 11 inches wide. These seats have a 40 lb weight limit each but you will be hard pressed to get a 40-pounder in them comfortably. The seats are only 10" wide where the child's butt and shoulders go. Right at the child's small of their back is the widest point of the seats at 11". While our 34 lb three year old fit in the seat with no problem, our 40 lb five year old was quite cramped on the sides. (Note: Your five year olds will probably never ride in a stroller anyway!) If you have a bigger or huskier child, you may want to check the seat dimensions first. Even though the seats are narrow, they can be great for taller, slimmer children. The seat backs are quite tall at a seatback to canopy measurement of 24".

The seats sport a padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety, adjustable/removable baby bumper bar and adjustable footrest with 3 positions for comfort. Each seat is padded with unlimited recline positions, including flat which is great for newborns. Even though we usually aren't the biggest fans of strap reclines, we think the strap recline on the My Duo is one of the easiest to do that we've seen.

One of the best features of the seats is the fact that the seats can be reversed. That's right, a side-by-side stroller that has independently reversible seats! Unheard of - until now! You can face your baby toward you, while your toddler looks out at the world. Or have your twins both face you or out? We love this feature! Plus, if you face your baby toward you and the toddler out - the toddler can't reach the baby! Yeah!

There are two independent canopies that are gigantic! They have a peek a boo window (with cover) and an extra pop-out sun visor that gives an additional 10"of coverage. When the seats are reclined, the fabric on the back of the canopies can also be lifted up to expose mesh netting around the top of the seat! We love this feature as it opens up the entire seat and not only allows our babies to look out but allows air to circulate through the stroller to keep them cool on a warm day. It's very cool!

The stroller sports an adjustable handle bar that is great for taller and shorter parents. It doesn't telescope out but it does adjust up and down in four positions (from 35"- 44") and prevents taller parents from kicking the frame of the stroller with a long stride.

There is a gigantic basket underneath the seats that is easily accessible from the front or back of the stroller and can easily fit two extra large diaper bags along with other baby essentials. There are also three pockets in the basket to keep loose items in place.

The My Duo has two 12-inch foam tires in back, two 8-inch foam tires in front and rear and front suspension that offer a wonderful, smooth ride for your little riders. The front wheels pivot a full 360 degrees, making it very easy to maneuver, even fully loaded with one hand. Without air-filled tires, we wouldn't classify the stroller as an "all-terrain" but it does handle minor off-roading such as grass, playground mulch and small rocks. The front wheels also lock for a bit rougher terrain. The My Duo isn't recommended for jogging since the front wheels are smaller but if we locked the front wheels straight, we were able to take it on a quick jog successfully. Stroll-Air will also be offering air-filled tires sold separately for the My Duo if all-terrain is your thing but they will add more weight to the stroller.

The My Duo folds in half in two easy steps. (And yes, the seats can stay on the frame when folding!) It even has a standing fold if the handlebar is in the right place. If you fold back the footrests and baby bumper bars and fold the handlebar all the way up to the seats, it's a rather compact package for a side-by-side double when folded. All four wheels also pop off quickly for an even more compact package. When folded properly, we were able to get the My Duo in a sedan trunk easily. There is also a manual strap lock on each side of the stroller though we don't think the lock stays put very often. Thankfully, Stroll-Air tells us that they are going to add an automatic lock soon.

A unique and fabulous feature of the My Duo is that it accepts two infant car seats AT THE SAME TIME! Yep, you heard us right! A side-by-side double that accepts TWO car seats! Time for parents of twins to celebrate!! The universal car seat adapters are sold separately as a "high" and a "low" adapter and when you use them together you can stagger two infant car seats at once making it a double travel system.

It can also take one or two bassinets that are sold separately making it a double pram. Another feature we love of the My Duo is that it comes as a full package. It comes with a matching diaper bag, 2 mosquito nets, 2 rain covers and 2 foot covers. (The rain covers and the mosquito nets will also fit on the bassinets.)

The My Duo is available in black and red and has some fabulous, stand-out features that make it unique in the world of double strollers. With gigantic canopies and basket, independently reversible seats, adjustable handlebar, great maneuverability and ability to take two infant seats, this is a fabulous double stroller!

*UPDATE (October 16, 2011): Since our review, the 2011 My Duo stroller has been improved!!

  • The buckle has been improved.
  • The hood is now longer (on the back) so that it folds under and has elastic to make it nice and tight.
  • The front bars are now easier to remove with spring button and flip open.
  • Stroll-Air has ensured that the crotch pad is sewn in tight, so it doesn't fall off.

 To watch our full, indepth video review of the Stroll-Air My Duo, click the video below:


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