8 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas!

Am I the only one who tears up when I see gender reveals? I don't even know these people but the excitement and happiness on their face is so emotional and beautiful! Whether you take ...

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Seven Things to Do with Kids in Puerto Vallarta Mexico (VIDEO)

A couple weeks ago I was invited down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to explore all the fun thing there is to do with kids and families there. It was a whirlwind trip of fun and ...

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Why Five is the Best Age Ever

My littlest guy is five years old, and although he would be quick to correct me that he is 5 AND A HALF, I think he is at the best age ever. He is my 3rd ...

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10 Tips for Soothing a Newborn

When you bring a baby home from the hospital, we like to joke that it is a "stunt baby" for the first two weeks. The baby is barely awake, and since you are in new ...

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