How to Stop a Pot From Boiling Over (VIDEO)

How many times have you been cooking pasta or something else in boiling water on the stove and got distracted only to turn around and have it boil over onto your perfect clean stove? It ...

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Why I Ditched my Birth Plan

Birth plans are a big part of today’s lists of things to do before you have a baby. I get it, I wrote one too. I envisioned the perfect calm birth. Music, baths, low lighting. ...

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Safety 1st Step and Go Stroller Travel System Review (VIDEO)

There is a new stroller hitting the streets in April and we have the scoop. The Safety 1st Step and Go Travel System is a budget-friendly duo that is stocked with features and boasts a ...

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Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller Spotlight Review (VIDEO)

Have you been looking for a stroller with the style of the Bugaboo Cameleon but the ruggedness of the Bugaboo Donkey? Meet the Buffalo. It's like a love child of both strollers. The Buffalo is a ...

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