Are you there, Babble? It’s me, Baby Gizmo.


Over a week ago, the giant parenting site,, was quietly shut off. Yep, Babble just went offline as if it never happened. No goodbye. No real explanation. No tweets about the ongoing outage. No Facebook updates. What’s even crazier is that no one is talking about it? When Baby Gizmo goes down for 5… Read More

Baby Gizmo New Year Bugaboo Donkey Giveaway


Congratulations to the Bugaboo Donkey Winner – Caree C. from Peoria, AZ! According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of the Dragon.  Not at Baby Gizmo! We consider it the year of the Donkey! The Bugaboo Donkey that is! We ended 2011 with some pretty great giveaways and we wanted to start 2012 with a bang… Read More

Baby Gizmo Link Lounge


Are you all ready for the weekend? I imagine that many of you will be digging yourselves out of the snow from the massive storms that hit this week. Well, I hope you will all take some time out to relax and warm your toes. And while you’re at it, here is a little weekend… Read More

The Baby Gizmo Link Lounge


Maybe this is a little awkward, but we’ve got to address something. I know we’ve been spending a lot of time together and we’ve really grown close over the years, but we know that this is not an exclusive relationship. I mean, everything in our hearts tells us that we were meant to be together… Read More