Baby Gizmo Announces 2011 Stroller Award Winners!


While most people are looking towards 2012, we are taking the opportunity to look back at 2011. One of our top questions that we received was what strollers do we like the best. In honor of all the fabulous strollers that strolled the streets during 2011, we decided to hand out awards. No one knows… Read More

Bugaboo Teams up with Chef Ludo for webisodes for modern parents!


Bugaboo is about to collaborate with Chef Ludo to create a series of webisodes called “Ludo Baby Bites for Bugaboo” especially for modern parents on the go. The webisode idea transpired due to both Bugaoo and Chef Ludo’s passion for keeping dinner a family time with out being stressed out and also making something you like… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Stokke Xplory 2011


Stokke is a Norwegian company that was founded in 1932.  While they have produced a wide range of furniture over the years, Stokke now focuses exclusively on children’s furniture and products with the vision “in the best interest of the child”. The Stokke Xplory was launched in 2003 and was one of the first luxury… Read More

Customize Your Gear and Stand Out


Baby gear is improving monthly when it comes to style; it’s a whole lot better than it was 9 years ago, that’s for sure! I’m constantly oo-ing and ah-ing over new patterns, styles and designs but I still like to have things that are one of a kind and handmade. I like to bring my… Read More

Product Review: Tag*A*Long


My 3-year-old is at an awkward stage, he can’t decide if he wants to ride in or on the stroller, be held or walk next to me like a big boy. I usually give him two to four options (depending on where we are and which stroller I have). Option 1. sit in the stroller,… Read More

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!


None of my strollers have a snack tray. A few months ago this wasn’t a bad thing but now that my youngest is self-feeding (and mommy needs some O’s to keep him happy every once in a while) it’s becoming a problem. I’ve tried the special Snack Cups but he’s at that in-between age… he… Read More

Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Day 12


What better way to end a great 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway than with the fabulous, oh-so-chic, your-neighbors-will-envy-you Bugaboo Cameleon!?!  Yep, that’s right – the “it” stroller of the last decade!  We are giving away a Bugaboo Cameleon!!!  A dark grey Cameleon with an orange tailored fabric set to be exact! The Bugaboo’s design is… Read More

Gwen Stefani and Bugaboo Team Up For World AIDS Day


In honor of World AIDS Day and their partnership with (RED), Bugaboo teamed up with world renowned style icon and rockstar mama Gwen Stefani, to create a custom, one-of-a-kind Bugaboo Cameleon. This exclusive Bugaboo stroller will be auctioned off starting today to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. The auction just went live on eBay at… Read More

Interact with Bugaboo Owners Via New Bugaboo Facebook App


After 10 yrs the uber-popular Bugaboo Cameleon is still one of the best, most loved (and lusted after!) strollers on the market.  Knowing that, Bugaboo wants their stroller owners to be able to tell you themselves how much they love it!  Do you own a Bugaboo?  Want to own a Bugaboo?  Swoon over Bugaboos?  Just curious about Bugaboo’s… Read More

New Bugaboo Donkey Video (You Didn’t See it from Us!)

Here is an unauthorized video of the Bugaboo Donkey.  It looks like it was filmed TMZ or possibly Dateline style.  We have no idea where it came from.  We just found it.  On the street.  You didn’t see it from us! UPDATE:  Here is the official Bugaboo video from the ABC Kids Expo from Bugaboo. … Read More

Another Look at the Bugaboo Donkey


Here is another look at the Bugaboo Donkey from the Bugaboo booth at the Kind & Jugend retail fair in Cologne, Germany last week!  (The video is done by Bugaboo! Ours is hopefully coming soon!)  I love that the seats can face out or toward the parent.  You can even face one out and the… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego Skate 2010


The Peg Perego Skate 2010 is the newest and much improved version of their original luxury Skate stroller!  Peg Perego really listened to their customers (and us!) to improve on a few features to make the stroller even better.   Just as before, it has many stand-out features that make this a big competitor in the… Read More

Let’s Welcome Mamas & Papas to the US!

Loop High Chair

Proclaimed Great Britian’s number one baby brand, Mamas & Papas brings their delectable products across the pond.  On August 12th, Mamas & Papas will offer their eye-catching full size and light-weight strollers, which are said to rival the Bugaboo, Maclaren, Mutsy and other well known high end strollers, as well as their yummy highchairs and appealing bouncers to… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Bugaboo Bee Plus 2010


The Bugaboo Bee Plus is the new and improved version of the original Bugaboo Bee.  Bugaboo listened to their customers to improve on a few features to make the stroller more comfortable and user friendly.  The Bee is a lightweight plus stroller that is great for chic parents on-the-go.  It has some fantastic features like… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Orbit Baby G2


Want to feel like you are getting the star treatment?  Push an Orbit Baby G2.  The Orbit Baby G2 is truly a celebrity stroller!  Of all the strollers that we have reviewed, we have gotten the most attention from the G2!  The G2 is the second generation Orbit Baby Stroller that was released to the… Read More

Could this be Prince Charming for Middle Class Moms?


Bugaboo touts itself a mobility company, and mobility it delivers!  Max Barenburg and Eduard Zanen shared a vision, redesigning one of Barenburg’s previous designs, and birthed the Bugaboo stroller line in 1996 which offered cutting edge ideas in the baby stroller market.  In 2001, the Bugaboo Frog was introduced followed by a cameo appearance in… Read More

Bugaboo Introduces their RED iPhone Holder


Bugaboo has recently introduced the new Bugaboo RED iPhone holder!  With the new Bugaboo RED iPhone holder you can connect with the world while on the go with your Bugaboo. It is a great tool for parents who want to stay connected while on the go.  It keeps your hands free while strolling but still… Read More

iCandy Apple Stroller Sneak Peek!


One of the most anticipated stroller companies of the year is almost here in the US – iCandy!  I got to check them out this week at the ABC Kids Expo.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Martin from iCandy all about the fabulous iCandy strollers that will be available this fall in the US.  Here is a… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Mutsy Transporter


Mutsy (pronounced ‘moot’-sy), a Netherlands-based company that has been producing high quality strollers since 1935, never ceases to amaze us with their strollers. The Transporter is Mutsy’s newest addition to their fabulous line of strollers.  This sporty 4 wheeler is characterized by its very compact and easy fold.  The deep seat on the Transporter is… Read More

Recall: Bugaboo Bee Strollers Due to Risk of Brake Failure

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Bugaboo Design and Sales, today announced a voluntary recall of 22,500 Bugaboo Bee strollers because one or both sides of the brakes can fail, causing a stroller to unexpectedly roll away on an incline.  This can pose a risk of injury to the child occupant. Bugaboo… Read More