The phil&teds Dot and Navigator are coming!

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Attention! It’s a new stroller alert! Actually is a TWO new stroller alert but we told you about one of them waaaayyy back last October. phil&teds has been busy in 2012 and they are launching TWO more strollers. I’m not sure who is the workhorse over there – Phil or Ted – but someone is… Read More

Baby Gizmo Giveaway: Valco Baby Zee Two


Congratulations to our winner – Entry #278 – Arely C. When Baby Gizmo parents said they wanted more double stroller giveaways, we heard you loud and clear. That’s why this week’s Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is the fantastic, brand-new Valco Baby Zee Two stroller. The Zee Two is a great lighter-weight, easy-to-fold double stroller… Read More

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Valco Baby Zee Two


The Valco Baby Zee Two has all the same great features of the Zee but is twice the fun. This lighter-weight double stroller is skinny enough at 29 1/2″ across to slide through a standard doorway, sports two roomy seats to accommodate up to 45 lbs each seat, huge independent canopies and a very large… Read More

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 – Stroll-Air My Duo


Congratulations to our winner of Day 26 – Entry #78 – Caroline K. Can you believe it? We are entering our sixth and final week of the Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza! Don’t worry though because this week is going to be BIG! And before we forget, Canada, you are in today!!! Yahoo!!! Same deal today… Read More

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 – Britax B-Ready


Congratulations to our winner of Day 21 – Entry #311  – Kristin F. Day 21 is such a big deal that we are giving away the newest stroller to the market!  Actually, this stroller is so new it isn’t even available for sale for another 3 weeks! We’re cool like that! Same deal today –… Read More

Britax B-Agile Double Coming Soon!


Are you in love with the Britax B-Agile but just can’t make it work because you need a double stroller? Good news, Britax is debuting their B-Agile Double Stroller in just a few weeks!  That’s right, it’s the B-Agile but twice the fun. Here are the details: • Weight capacity 50 lbs each seat •One-hand,… Read More

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Mountain Buggy plus one stroller


Mountain buggy strollers are one of the most rugged and durable strollers perfect for all-terrain that you will find. Started in 1992 by a dad who wanted to run the mountain trails of New Zealand with his little one – mountain buggy was “designed to be a buggy for all terrain, for a life without… Read More

Baby Gizmo Adds phil&teds Explorer to Facebook Giveaway


Baby Gizmo  just loves their Facebook fans so much that they want MORE!  Come on, who doesn’t want people to “like” them!  They have added another fabulous prize for the ”Like” Us on Facebook Giveaway Contest!!! When Baby Gizmo hits 7,000 fans, one lucky fan will get the fabulous phil&teds Explorer WITH Doubles Kit!! What do you have to… Read More

Mountain Buggy New Strollers & Scooter for 2011


ABC Expo News Mountain Buggy has big new for 2011!  Two new double strollers and a fun ride-on scooter that attaches to a stroller! Mountain Buggy Duet Let’s start with the biggest news first!  Mountain Buggy is bringing out the slimmest side-by-side stroller ever!  (Okay, at least so far until others start to copy them!) … Read More

New in the Land of phil&teds for 2011


ABC EXPO News phil&teds is making a few changes for 2011.  The most notable changes are: phil&teds Smart Stroller 2011: Seat will recline more! Seat will reverse! Hmmm…I guess they watched our video and heard our complaints of the tiny recline and lack of reversible seat! phil&teds Verve: (Available January 2011) Doubles seat will recline! … Read More

Mountain Buggy Duet – Slimmest Side by Side Yet


Mountain Buggy announced their Duet at the ABC Show this week.  The Duet is going to be the slimmest side-by-side on the market available.  This double stroller will only be 25 inches across!  That’s right – only 25 inches!!  The narrowest strollers right now are 29″ – so this is BIG NEWS! Each seat will… Read More

Double Trouble: My Quest for the Perfect Double Stroller


My obsession began as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I was on a mission: A mission to find the perfect double stroller. I started with internet research and then I reached out to my friends who already had multiple children, hoping they could provide me with an answer.… Read More

Bugaboo Launches their First Double Stroller – The Donkey


It’s what many, many parents have been waiting for!  A double Bugaboo stroller that they can use with two children!  That’s right!!!  Today Bugaboo has just announced their first double stroller – the Bugaboo Donkey!  While the jury is out on whether we like the name “Donkey” (not very classy, right?) – it doesn’t really… Read More

Orbit Baby Introduces Stroller Sidekick Skateboard


The Orbit Baby G2 isn’t just for one child anymore!  With the introduction of the new Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board ($120), parents can now use their G2 with one, two or even three children!  This ride along stroller board is for ages 2 up to 50 lbs and is the first and only board… Read More

Baby Gizmo Adds Britax B-Ready to Facebook Giveaway


Baby Gizmo  just loves their Facebook fans so much that they want MORE!! They have added another fabulous prize for the “Like” Us on Facebook Giveaway Contest!!! When Baby Gizmo hits 4,000 fans, one lucky fan will get the fabulous Britax B-Ready Stroller AND Second Seat!!! What do you have to do to enter? Absolutely nothing! Just be a… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Mutsy Duoseat


Mutsy (pronounced ‘moot’-sy), a Netherlands-based company that has been producing high quality strollers since 1935, never ceases to amaze us with their strollers.   The Duoseat is Mutsy’s newest addition as well as their first introduction into the world of double strollers.  The Duoseat is actually a two seat insert that works with the 4Rider… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo


The Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo is a 3-wheel, all-terrain single stroller that transforms to an inline double stroller when you attach the included rear seat.  This stroller has many of the features that you look for in a full-size, all-terrain stroller plus the added benefit of having a second seat! The main seat is very… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Valco Baby Tri Mode EX Twin


The Tri Mode EX Twin is sporty, fabulous and functional all at the same time!  This side-by-side, double, all-terrain stroller can be your everyday stroller, your double pram (with the optional husssh bassinettes), double jogger and triple stroller (with the optional toddler seat) all rolled into one.  So, basically you are getting four strollers for… Read More

Mutsy Introduces the Duoseat for Parents of Two!


Netherlands-based Mutsy is not going to be the only stroller company in the US without a double stroller option.  (I guess that will just be Bugaboo now!)  Mutsy has recently introduced their solution for parents with two young children, the Duoseat!  The Duoseat is a special insert with two seats that can be combined with… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Britax B-Ready


The B-Ready is the newest addition to Britax’s family of baby gear.  This luxury stroller is part of an elite group of strollers (that only a few are a member of!) that has the ability to go from single stroller to a double tandem stroller with the addition of an accessory or two.  With 14… Read More