Breastfeeding Twins: The Tools of the Trade

Breastfeeding Twins

In December 2012, a friend of mine found out she was having twins. My sweet friend began researching all sorts of twin related info, and as a follower of hers on Pinterest, I was privy to her twin-spired Pins. For example, a video of a woman nursing her twins. Curious about the life my cherished… Read More

Have Multiples? You Can Score Some Free Stuff!

Discounts for multiples

If you’re a new parent of twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by all of the stuff you’ll need for them. To help make it easier, many companies and stores offer discounts or freebies for multiples. Here are some of them: Babies R Us: The baby superstore offers a Multiple Birth… Read More

Grocery Fail


*This is a guest post by Joann of Life with Triplets Plus One. Having four triplets really limits me on what types of everyday normal outings I am willing to take. What? You’re wondering about the four triplets comment? Well, that’s what it’s called when you birth four children in a 16 month span! That’s… Read More