How to Respond to Someone Who Touches Your Belly (VIDEO)

Pregnant Belly

If you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, you know that it seems like an open invitation for strangers (or everyone for that matter!) to reach out and touch your belly. To be fair, some people ask, but unfortunately, the majority do not. Pregnancy seems like one of the only times that it is… Read More

Baby #3 Wish List

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 10.36.09 PM

Let’s talk baby #3 today! What I may “need”, what I want and what I’ve come to determine is pure poppycock in the realm of baby necessities. No, no – not expecting over here! Deep sigh of relief I’m sure from my husband who occasionally reads my posts. But, not expecting doesn’t keep me from… Read More

5 Ways to Wear Your Non-Maternity Clothes Longer


Are you pregnant? Congratulations! If you’ve already started shopping for maternity clothes, you know that they can be pretty expensive—especially since you’ll only be wearing them for a few months. Luckily, there are several tricks that can help you wear non-maternity clothes longer into your pregnancy. Here are five of them: 1. Buy looser tops. Since… Read More

Bump Talk | Maternity Skinnies

asos skinnies

Calling all pregnant mamas! We’ve all experienced that point in pregnancy when our pre-preggo clothes just aren’t cutting it. We transition to yoga pants for a time, you know, to get by and avoid investing in the dreaded “maternity wardrobe.” But as much as I love yoga pants, they aren’t the best choice for every… Read More

Baby Shower Gift Idea: Hospital Survival Kit

Baby Shower Gift

It’s always a challenge to decide what you are going to bring as a gift to a baby shower. Should you just grab something off the registry or think outside the box? I guess it depends on your relationship with the new mom-to-be. If you are good friends, you might want to do something different… Read More

Belly Bandit Mother’s Day Buy One, Get One Free Special


Mother’s Day is just two days away! To celebrate, we have teamed up with Belly Bandit to offer you an exclusive BOGO promotion just for our Baby Gizmo peeps! This promotion will only last two days – starting today at 8am PST and ending at midnight, Saturday, May 11th! If you’ve never heard of Belly Bandit… Read More

7 Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dresses to Love For Summer


Maxi dresses are a go-to fashion staple for most all pregnant moms in summer months because they look great throughout all three trimesters, do much to flatter curves and growing bellies, and are so versatile. With plus sized pregnant moms in mind, we’re sharing our top 7 picks for maxi dresses that are perfect for… Read More

Creative Announcements | It’s a …


Awhile back I shared some creative announcements for announcing pregnancy and it got my wheels turning on what happens next … the exciting GENDER REVEAL! With my first pregnancy, my husband and I opted to wait and find out our baby’s gender at birth. I totally recommend this and absolutely loved the surprise. Plus, it… Read More

The Doula Interview

I totally convinced you how awesome doulas are last week, right? So, now that you’re searching for your perfect match, you need to prepare for your meet and greet interview. Any doula worth her birthing ball (ha, birth joke there!), will offer you a free phone or in-person consultation before you move forward. Take her… Read More

Keep Calm and Hire a Doula

keep calm, doula

She is not a friend. She is not a healthcare provider. She is a mother figure of the most ancient kind. Her life experience empowers you. She is a reassuring presence who will always listen to you and support you in your chosen path. She will remind you of those choices, and the reason you… Read More

The Boy Names I Didn’t Use

blue balloons

Between my two pregnancies I’ve put in a fair share of hours brainstorming baby names. It’s a task I’ve never taken lightly … just ask my husband. Poor guy has been on so many dates where all we’ve discussed is baby names. For our first baby, we kept the gender a surprise so we were constantly… Read More

What Scares You the Most About Giving Birth?

Giving birth at home scares me way less than birthing at a hospital

I’ve got about three months left until I’m supposed to get this baby out of me somehow. Given that it’s my third child, I’m not as terrified of the unknown as I was as a first-time mom–but I’ve also been through vaginal deliveries twice now, and I know what hard work it truly is. I… Read More

The Due Date Dilemma

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“When is your baby due?” “Wow! Looks like you’re having a baby any day!” “I bet you’re going to be late!” I think it is a fair assumption that most pregnant mamas have heard a variation of those statements. It seems you can’t go far with a baby bump without someone questioning your little bundle’s… Read More

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Cool/creepy costume from Etsy shop The Other Mothers

With my kids headed back to school this week, somehow it seems time (already?!) to turn my thoughts to Halloween. My kids’ minds have been there for weeks—both boys wanted to go with a Star Wars theme this year, and so we’ve got a 5-year-old Luke Skywalker and a 3-year-old Darth Vader ready to go. … Read More