Munchie Mug Product Review

munchie mug

Cherrios. Goldish. Almonds. Raisins. Pirate Booty. Dried Apricots. Sound like a great snack buffet at a party? Sure does. Too bad it is actually a list of the food items found smashed between the back seat cushions of my car. And I’m 99% sure my husband did not put them there. Arrgh snack cups…why do… Read More

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!


None of my strollers have a snack tray. A few months ago this wasn’t a bad thing but now that my youngest is self-feeding (and mommy needs some O’s to keep him happy every once in a while) it’s becoming a problem. I’ve tried the special Snack Cups but he’s at that in-between age… he… Read More