8 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

board books

Last Christmas, my son’s stocking was filled with pacifiers and rattles. Nothing exciting because he would never remember it and he was a baby. Anything in his stocking was really more for my benefit at that point. This year on the other hand I have a toddler to buy for. He won’t necessarily remember this… Read More

Toys That Boys Want Too!


I am so sick of hearing the question “Don’t you worry about that making your son girly?” The answer is NO. No matter what he plays with, it will always be no. No, I don’t care that people think it’s weird that I let my son play with my old Beauty and The Beast puppets,… Read More

Fisher Price Disney Princess Garden Tea Party Playset Review


So many holiday toys yet so little time! But which ones are right for your child? Today our Baby Gizmo Littles are taking a look at the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Garden Tea Party. This playset is for ages 1-5 but we think the sweet spot is 2 and 3 year olds. It’s a… Read More

Fisher Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly n’ Slide Clubhouse (VIDEO)


“What kid doesn’t like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, right?!” That is the question from our 5-year-old Baby Gizmo Lil’ Tester. That’s why today we are highlighting the Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly n’ Slide Clubhouse. This adorable playset for 1 1/2 to 5 year olds is fun, well-made and features everyone’s favorite mouse! Our Lil’ Baby … Read More

DIY 3D Glasses Parent Hack

3d glasses

  Tonight, we took the kids to see a stage show on the Carnival Freedom cruise that we are sailing on this week. When we walked into the theater, there were loads of 3D glasses that my kids jumped all over. What kid doesn’t love those blue and red, funny glasses? I didn’t know it… Read More

5 Best/Worst Things About Having Children Close in Age


  I am often asked how I do it with three children under the age of four. And usually my answer to this question is some variation of “Who me?” I don’t really know how I do it. But I do do it because I have to, and because, really, there’s no alternative when you… Read More

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable Review (VIDEO)

Fisher Price Klip klop

Our video spotlight of the hottest holiday toys is continuing with the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable. With the never-going-out-of-style Disney Princesses, this play set is perfect for toddlers! Designed for 18 months – 5 years old, this “stable” will delight your little princess with sounds, music, phrases and unique “klip klop” action.  The… Read More

Mini Silicone Popsicle Molds For Your Little One


Recently, there has been an increasing amount of information released on why plastics in the home are bad for you. In light of all the Facebook posts information I’ve been reading, I’ve decided to try and slowly cut down on our use of plastic. We make a lot of popsicles, especially during the summer months,… Read More

Product Review: NUK Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery

NUK forks

When my twin boys were around 16 months old, one of them decided he would no longer eat a single morsel of food with his hands. Whatever it was—chunks of fruit, a dish of spaghetti, even a cookie—he wanted to use a fork or a spoon. The problem was, we had tried nearly every brand… Read More

Toddler-Appropriate Chores

Toddler Chores

My toddler twins just love to “help” with household chores. Since they are not even 2 yet, allowing them to assist me usually makes the tasks take longer than if I did them myself. But the pride I see in their eyes after they’ve been “big helpers” is priceless, and I’d like to think I’m… Read More

10 Fun And Free Activities For Little Ones Outside Of The Home

Outdoor Activities

Sometimes we all need new ideas of things to do with our children. I know that I have gotten in a rut sometimes where I felt like I was always doing the same thing day after day. Boring. In my head, I can think of a million fun places I could take my son, but… Read More

10 Fun Arts And Crafts Projects For Toddlers


If your children are anything like my son, they like glue, crayons, and crafting. My son loves crayons so much he has been known to use them to give our oven, floors, and doors a new makeover. Today I wanted to share a list of 10 fun arts and crafts projects for your toddlers. Arts… Read More

Best Books For Toddlers


If your toddler is anything like mine, he or she loves to read. I’m always looking for new ideas of books to read to my son so today I wanted to share my top ten toddler books with you! Read and enjoy! 1. Night-Night, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. This is my son’s all-time favorite… Read More

Preschool- Yes or No?


My oldest daughter turns three in just a few months, but the questions about whether or not my husband and I plan to send her to preschool have been rolling in for almost a year now. Back then when the questions started, we would always cite time as the reason why we hadn’t thought about… Read More

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Changed Bedtime (Kind of)

If your child watches Sprout, you have likely seen the infamous commercials for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. In case you can’t remember the visuals of a mother saying, “goodnight, (child’s name)” and the child and some other children, in the course of the commercial, actually going to sleep because they have a stuffed animal… Read More

7 books for toddlers learning the ABCs


Most developmental experts say that children begin to recognize letters between 2 and 3 and that they can identify letters between 4 and 5. Given this, it is mostly agreed that parents and caregivers should aim to begin introducing toddlers to the alphabet, via colorful books with vivid pictures and letters, by age 2. If… Read More

My baby has walked into toddlerhood

My little walker almost a month ago.

The best part of having more children is that it gives you perspective on all the things you did, and obsessed about, with your first child. With my first, I was obsessed, among a lot of other things, with getting her to walk. I wanted her to walk because everyone around me seemed so interested… Read More

5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Toddlers


We don’t celebrate Halloween in my house. But, last year, we kind of did start something that we promised our oldest daughter that we’d do again this year. We called it a “fall party.” It was a party that was held in honor of the beauty of fall. I know, it sounds kind of lame,… Read More

My toddler is a fashionista


I think one of the most interesting parts of being a parent to my toddler is watching her emerging fashion sense. She, unlike me, has a clear idea about “her style.” She, unlike me, is very bold and really seems to get what looks good on her body. If I had to describe her style,… Read More

My toddler is obsessed with my cell phone


I thought I would be fighting with my child about her cell phone usage years from now. I thought our fights would involve music blasting in her room, a closed door, and words like “fair” and “high school” and “everybody else.” But in our house, that’s not the case. In our house, battles over the… Read More