Spotlight Product Review: Baby Jogger City Select

Bj_SelectThe Baby Jogger City Select is the newest addition to the very popular Baby Jogger stroller family. This luxury stroller has the quality that we’ve come to expect from Baby Jogger.

The City Select is a multi-functional stroller that gives parents the ability to mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to make the stroller perfect for them. The City Select offers parents the unique opportunity to customize their stroller into more than 16 different combinations to suit their family needs. This versatile stroller can go from single for your first child to a double stroller when baby #2 comes along.  Then when you older child outgrows the stroller age, the City Select can go back to being a single.

Let’s start with the seat!  Even though the seat appears small, it is actually quite roomy.  With a high weight capacity of 45 lbs per seat, we were able to easily fit our 5 year old tester.  The seat is 12” wide and has a short 18 1/2” seatback.  Not to worry though because Baby Jogger wanted the seat to accommodate older and taller children, so they made the canopy adjustable with 2 positions to grow with your child.  With the canopy in its lowest position, it has a 21” seatback to canopy height.  For the taller children, put the canopy on the top position for a roomy 24 inches from seatback to top of canopy.  At the top canopy position, our 5 year old tester fit comfortably without her head touching the canopy.

The seat sports a padded, adjustable, 5-point harness for safety, as well as, an adjustable footrest with 4 different positions.  The seat is reversible so that your child can face mom or out at the world and is adjustable so they can be up in a high position or down in a lower position.

Instead of just the back of the seat reclining like on other strollers, on the City Select the entire seat reclines back easily with a large, one-handed button. The seat keeps its wide “v” shape and has four recline positions including all the way back. The seat is recommended for 6+ months to 45 lbs. Not to worry though, you will still be able to use the City Select for your newborn using the bassinet and the car seat adapters that are sold separately.

The City Select has a huge basket underneath that is accessible from all different angles.  We were able to fit an extra large diaper bag plus other on-the-go baby essentials!  There is also a large, mesh storage pocket on the back of the seat for parent’s essentials.  Note:  There is no baby or parent tray or cup holder on the City Select.  There is a child tray sold separately though.

To satisfy the shortest and tallest of moms and dads, it has a telescoping handle that eliminates the “stroller hunch”.  The handle has three different positions ranging from 39”-42” from ground to handle height.  A nice feature of the handle is also that it has a wipe clean grip.

As always, we love the Baby Jogger canopies!  The City Select is no exception!  The sun canopy is quite large with three sections and is complete with peek-a-boo window with magnetic flap closure.  A great thing about the canopy is that it adjusts to create more headroom as your child grows.

The City Select sports two 12″ forever-air rear and two 8″ lightweight front wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings to give your little rider a very smooth ride.  You won’t worry about a flat with this stroller!  These heavy duty tires can charge through different terrain such as grass, playground mulch and cobblestone street.

We also love that the front swivel wheels also lock straight for rougher terrain.  There is also an easy to do hand operated parking brake that is conveniently located next to the main seat.

Baby Joggers are known for their easy folds.  The City Select is no exception!  It has a patented “Quick-Fold Technology” that allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step.  There are two handles on the sides of the main seat that you pull up on and the entire stroller folds in half easily.  You can even fold it with the second seat attached but it is a bulkier fold this way.  One of our minor complaints about the City Select is that it does NOT have a standing fold though.  This would be a great improvement!  There is a manual lock on the side to keep the stroller closed while transporting but we would suggest that Baby Jogger add an automatic lock to make it even better!

Weighing it 28 lbs (average weight for a full-size single), we didn’t have too much trouble lifting it in and out of our trunks.  When you add the second seat, the stroller weight is 34 lbs which takes a bit more muscle if you fold it and lift it with both seats attached.  The seats are so easy to remove if you would like to lift less weight though.

The maneuverability on the City Select is fabulous.  As a single, the stroller glides along with very little effort and turns on a dime.  Even with the stroller fully loaded with a 45 lb rider, we had no problem maneuvering this stroller even one-handed.  When you add the second seat or bassinet, it takes a bit more wrist power because you are adding more weight.   We found it is easiest to maneuver with your larger child in the seat closest to mom.  In all the different seat/bassinet configurations, we found the maneuverability to be better than most.


The City Select is a very sturdy, well-constructed stroller.  It’s heavy-duty and we definitely feel very confident in its ability to transport our most precious cargo.  When the stroller is in double mode, the stroller is constructed so well that either seat can be empty (with a child in the other) without compromising the stability.  Our testers could even climb into the front seat without any worry of the stroller flipping over.   

Now the main feature that we love is the stroller’s ability to go from a single to a double. The City Select starts out as a single stroller but expands to a double by using Baby Jogger’s unique patented attachment method and adding a second seat, bassinet or one of the adaptable car seats. So, there is no need to buy a single AND a double stroller!  Love that!

In order to turn the stroller into a double, a sold separately double conversion kit is required.  There are more than 16 unique seating combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and a single seat.  No other stroller has that many seating combinations!  In order to do all the seating combos though, you would need the extra seat kit, 2 bassinets and 2 car seat adapters.  Or just pick the seating arrangements that work best for you and your kids and buy the coordinating accessories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The double conversion kit pieces ONLY come with the second seat purchase! If you plan to use a bassinet with the toddler seat, 2 bassinets, infant car seat with toddler seat or 2 infant car seats – you MUST buy the second seat kit! You will need those adapters! At this time, Baby Jogger does not sell the adapters separately without the second seat! Bottom line: If you are going to use the City Select in doubles mode, you have to buy the second seat kit whether you think you are going to use that second seat right away or not. So factor in that expense when considering this stroller!

We love that we can move the seats around depending on our kids’ moods.  Most tandem strollers usually cause fights with our little riders because of pulling hair or kicking seats – but not the City Select. When our kids are feeling friendly, we can put them one behind the other or even facing each other. Note: With older toddlers, facing each other never lasts long as one always “accidentally” kicks the other. When they are feeling feisty, we can put them back to back so they cannot possibly touch, kick or pull each other’s hair. This is a great feature for those terrible 2s! With two seats both facing forward or backwards, we found that there was plenty of room between the seats but the rear rider can still kick the front seat.  Be careful putting your toddler behind the bassinet or car seat because if he is anything like our little tester, the baby may be bumped, kicked and jostled more than you want.

The seats can accommodate up to 45lbs a piece even in the double mode so that makes a 90 lb weight capacity!

Having twins?  We love that you can use 2 bassinet kits or 2 car seat adapters together for both babies!  When the twins hit 6 months, you can also use the two full-sized seats.

The Baby Jogger City Select is a luxury stroller and it is going to cost you a luxury price.  But for a stroller with such sturdy construction that can turn from a single to a double and back to a single again, we kinda think it’s worth it!  No need to buy an entire second stroller when your baby #2 arrives!

Overall, the Baby Jogger City Select is a fabulous stroller with versatility that you can find on any other stroller.

To watch my full video review of the Baby Jogger City Select – click the video below:


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  1. Renee says

    How does this thing fold in double mode?

    We’re thinking about getting it when #2 arrives so our then 2 year old can ride along with the baby still in his/her carseat (Maxi Cosi). I realize it should fold fine when the carseat is removed with one seat attached, but what about when both seats are attached? Does it have to come completely apart?

    I really love my Maxi Cosi Pearle stroller and I’m sick that I’m already stroller shopping again!! It was a dream stroller for one child (light, compact, maneuverable, posh looking, carseat adaptable… sigh!).

  2. Win says

    I’m curious if a child snack tray fits on both toddler seats. Also, when the stroller is folded, does it fit into the trunk of a sedan?

  3. Yuliya says

    Dear Hollie,

    I am debating between Peg Perego Skate 2010 and City Select. My baby is almost 10 month now, she does sleep in the stroller a lot, so I need something where she can lay flat and protected. While Peg Perego has both the bassinet and the seat with protective booot, I am not sure whether the seat reclines completely. I am also concerned about the smoothness of the ride ( it seems like City Select has better wheels). What concerns me about City Select is that there is no “boot” cover and I am not sure if the seat reclines completely. What are your thoughts on this? How large is City Select Bassinet? Any other recommendations for the stroller that reclines completely almost flat and with the seat facing the parent, and can be steered with one hand?


  4. emily says

    Can the city select be used as a light jogger, mainly on smooth concrete? I love every aspect of the stroller but I want to be able to run a couple miles with it

    • admin says

      Hi Emily,
      The City Select isn’t really built for jogging. With the front wheels being quite small (for jogging), Baby Jogger and I don’t really recommend it. I haven’t even tried jogging with the City Select to be honest. The front wheels do lock straight so you might be able to get away with some fast walking?


  5. Monica says

    Hello Hollie, I just read your review about the BJ city Select, it´s very informative; I´m looking for a stroller and my options are bugaboo Frog or BJ city select, i´m not able to see fisicaly the BJ city select, I´m going to get one of them online, and I need your help.
    I love the bugaboo mostly the style, but the BJ city select looks more practical (the fold in 1 piece), but my only concern is the weight 22 pounds vs 17 pound bugaboo.
    you tryed the BJ city select what do you think about it, I would like to know your advace.
    Your advice would be wonderful
    Thanks you a lot!!!

  6. danyel says

    I am looking to replace my old side by side …
    I am torn between the city select and bumbleride twin indie. Yes I am sick of not fitting through isles in the stores but would suck it up for the “perfect stroller”. I have a 4 month old and a 2 1/2 yr old. I am very nervous about making a big purchase without seeing it in person. Which would you recommend?

    • admin says

      That is a difficult question! Both are fabulous strollers and it would depend on your lifestyle to which one I would recommend.

      Regarding the size/weight of the City Select in doubles mode and the Bumbleride Twin: 1) Both weigh the same – 34 lbs 2) The City Select is a bit more compact when folded.

      The main feature that might help with your decision is whether you want to do any jogging/running with the stroller. The Bumbleride is a true all-terrain stroller and with the larger air-filled front tires, you would be able to jog with the Indie Twin. The City Select would not allow you to do this.

      So, if you want to use the stroller as a jogger as well – I recommend the Bumbleride hands down. If not, I truly think both strollers are fabulous. The City Select is going to give you more versatility because it can be used as a single or a double but the Bumbleride is going to handle rougher terrain much better.

      Hope this helps a bit!


  7. shazia says

    Hi, thank you for your reviews!
    quick question- does the city select allow for upright “0” position like uppa baby vista 2010 model? thanks!

  8. Elizabeth says

    Your review is wonderful and very helpful! I am getting ready to have our second child and the two will be 18 months apart so I do need some sort of double stroller. I wanted to see if you think the City Select is truly an all terrain stroller – I need something that can go to the mall as well as on gravel paths (for walking the dog).

    Thank you for your advice!


    • admin says

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, the seats both recline in a few of the configurations. 1) If the toddler seats are back to back and the front seat has the canopy in the lowest position (and down), you can recline the seats. The top seat will be over the head of the child in the bottom seat. I probably wouldn’t do that though. 2) If both seats are facing mom/dad, you can recline both seats. *This is the best configuration for both reclined! 3) If the seats are facing each other, you can recline the seats if you recline the top seat first.

      So, yes it is definitely possible to recline two seats!

      Hope this helps!


  9. Jennifer Johnson says

    Hi Hollie,

    Thank-you so much for your informative review and video! We have just started trying for #2 and the two things I have most dreaded about having 2 kiddos are double stroller and the minivan (hubby says we have to get one when #2 arrives and I just don’t feel old enough for one yet! Ha!). Anyway, I was so excited when I found out that Baby Jogger was debuting this stroller! It’s like a single…only it is a double! What more could we ask for.

    The only thing I am a bit worried about (and have not seen addressed in any reviews) is the recline on the seats. If two seats are attached, can both seats fully recline? If so, which configurations? I am talking about 2 full seats, not the bassinet and a seat or a carseat and a seat. Can you please advise?

    Thanks so much for your help! This blog is fantastic!

  10. Katie Cremasco says

    I see that the Graco Snugride works with this stroller, but does the Graco Safeseat work with it? That is the car seat we have and since it will be good when #2 arrives I would like to still be able to use it and that will be a deciding factor in what double stroller we get.

  11. Renata Alv says

    I love your reviews and your videos are so helpful! It became an essential tool on my stroller hunt (although I live in Brazil! Your fan club really has travelled overseas…).
    I am pregnant with twin girls and desperate to find the “perfect stroller”. What a difficult task!
    I am in love with the baby jogger city select profile. It seems to me I found everything I needed…As I am going to USA to shop I was actually considering buying two single strollers for the girls to use as newborns and a double one to use when they get older…Until today!
    After seeing this brand new review I changed my mind!
    Do you think it is a safe option to buy this stroller and two infant car seats to use it since the beggining and then after exchange the car seats for the regular seat and the additional seat kit OR buy two separate baby joggers city select and only after they’re six months old put them in the same stroller^
    Do you recommend buying the bassinet kit as well^
    My last question: which car seat do you recommend to use with this stroller – MaxiCosi Mico, Peg Perego or Chicco Key Fit^
    My decision will be based upon your recomendations!
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Warm regards from São Paulo,

  12. Irene says

    First of all, I LOVE your reviews, it really help me alot!!

    I am torn between City Mini by baby Jogger, Cielo Evolution by Mia Moda and Onxy 400 by Simmons. wonder if you have any advise or recommendation? There not much reviews on the Onxy 400, wonder if you have seen one yourself and tested it.. I wonder how is the folding. Also I read negative eviews about yje folding of the City Mini, something about a strap to be unbuckle before pulling it close or open. and the Cielo, i wonder such a wonderful stroller why discount only a few months after it put out in the market! can you pls advise and Thanks~

    • admin says

      Hi Irene,
      I have not tested or seen the Onxy 400 by Simmons yet – so I can’t comment on that stroller. Between the City Mini and the Cielo – I would definitely recommend that you get the City Mini. It’s just a better stroller with more features in my opinion. The fold on the Cielo is nice and compact but it can’t compete with Baby Jogger’s canopy, quality and seat recline. So, if it is between those two – I’d get the City Mini. Hope this helps!


  13. Caitlin says

    HI- I am expecting again and my kids will be 18 months apart. I am in LOVE with the city select, your video has helped answer a lot of my questions, but I am curious how a graco car seat and a toddler facing out fits. Does the back of the toddler seat hit the car seat? is it a tight fit? Thanks!

    • admin says

      Hi Caitlin,
      Yes, the Graco Snugride and the toddler seat facing out fits but ONLY with the canopy in the lowest position. That gives you 21″ from seatback to canopy. With the canopy in the lowest position you can even recline the front seat back all the way. I took some pictures to show you how the Graco Snugride and the toddler seat fit together and some other options. These pictures were added to my previous post of City Select pictures: BABY JOGGER CITY SELECT PHOTOS

      Hope this helps!


  14. Shoshana Chanales says

    Hi. My husband and I have been going back and forth between the Baby Jogger City Select and the Uppababy vista 2010. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on how they compare to each other? We do not have a second child right now but would like to not have to buy another stroller when we do.

    Thank you for any insights.

    • admin says

      Ohhh…that is a hard one! I LOVE the Uppa Baby Vista! It is a fabulous stroller! I like that it has an automatic lock (unlike the City Select)! It would have been my pick for you until the City Select came out! Now, it is a little harder to choose. The one thing that I don’t like with the Uppa Baby Vista is that you can’t use the bassinet AND the Rumbleseat. There isn’t enough room!

      I love the many, many seating options of the City Select! If you are looking for more versatility, I would say go with the City Select. Since an infant car seat, bassinet and seats can go in either position (either in front or back) – the City Select gives you that much more versatility than the Uppa Baby!

      I still love the Uppa Baby though! Hope this helps!


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