Another Look at the Bugaboo Donkey

Here is another look at the Bugaboo Donkey from the Bugaboo booth at the Kind & Jugend retail fair in Cologne, Germany last week!  (The video is done by Bugaboo! Ours is hopefully coming soon!)  I love that the seats can face out or toward the parent.  You can even face one out and the other in! 

It does crack me up that they say in the video that they didn’t expect all the remarks on the name.  Really?  You name one of the most anticipated luxury double strollers “DONKEY” and you didn’t expect any remarks?  Hmmm.


  1. KV says

    Is there another side by side stroller that allows the seats to face different directions or is this the first? I would really like a side by side stroller that allows one seat to face the mom and one to face out but can’t seem to find one.

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