New in the Land of Boon for 2011

Tons of fun, new products for Boon in 2011!  These Boon products will all probably be available in March 2011! 

LOOP (Diaper Caddy)

Organizing your diapers, wipes and changing essentials couldn’t be easier or more fun than with the Loop!  It will come in orange and blue.

MUSH (Manual Baby Food Processor)

You won’t wake baby with this manual baby food maker.  Just pull the handle (lawn mower style but with not as much force!) and you’ll be turning fruit, veggies and boneless meats into fabulous mush!  No need for batteries – just pull and the blade spins!


This sippy cup with spout or straw top gets your child accustomed to drinking with its ergonomic, easy to grip shape and fun straw or spout options.  It comes in 3 sizes with 3 different lids.


This 2-in-1 feeding spoon has two usable ends:  a soft end and a rigid end perfect for first time eaters. 


Munch is a great snack container for on-the-go.  It keeps snacks accessible for little hands, has a lid that shuts tight, a flat base to set it down and will fit in a cup holder.  Love it!


Dive is the latest collection of Boon Bath Tub Appliques. 


How fun is this translucent drying rack? 


This is the Boon Grass drying rack but BIGGER! (sorry, no pic!)


The Gnaw is a multi-purpose teething tether.  Basically it’s a bungee cord for teething biscuits!

And finally, Pink is out and Red and Green are in with the Flair!

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