Easter Fashions for Boys

As much as I want to grab up every single frilly Easter Dress, it wouldn’t do me much good cause I have been blessed with dirt and noise… I mean, boys! I stroll through the aisles drooling gazing at all the ruffles, lace and smocked beauty… sigh. All the adorable choices for little girls makes me want to try that much harder to find the best of the best pieces and outfits for my handsome little guys. I’m super impressed with the selections out this year. Here are my favorites:

Stripe Straw Fedora from Janie and JackStripe Seersucker Vest from Crazy 8

Oxford Blazer from Gymboree

Argyle Cardigan from GymboreeTie Bodysuit from Crazy 8

Linen-Blend Guayabera Shirts for Baby from Old Navy

 Chambray Jeans from Gap

Plaid Patchwork Slip-On Sneakers from Crazy 8

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