2011’s Most Popular Birthday Parties

Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up? Take a peek at some of some of the coolest party trends and themes for kids! Get some inspiration from these themes and create your own ideas…



photo credit: Tailored Sweets

Popular GIRL Parties

1. Ballerina

2. Lollipop

3. Garden Party

4. Alice Tea Party

5. Dorothy


photo credit: Pink Peppermint Paper

Popular BOY Parties

1. Hero VS Villain

2. Cowboy (or Cowgirl)

3. Pirate

4. Little Man

5. Soccer



photo credit: RubyJu

Popular Parties for a BOY or a GIRL

1. Circus/Carnival

2. Beach Baby

3. Farm Yard

4. Nautical

5. Retro Bowling


What theme will you be doing for your little one’s party this year?


  1. Sarah says

    A faux-sleepover!

    I just did one for my 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Everyone came in their PJ’s with a favorite stuffed animal. We decorated plain pillowcases with fabric markers and sparkle puffy paint. We made English muffin pizzas and had a dance party. Had cake and bedded down for a movie about 45 minutes before the parents came to pick everyone up at 8pm. It was great!

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