Alarm clocks for little kids

Teach your kids to stay in bed with these easy to use, effective clocks made specifically for young children.

Before a child knows how to read time, you can teach them that it’s not okay to jump out of bed at 3 am or to rise and shine with the sun. These clocks not only help you — and your child — get some much-needed Zzz’s, it teaches your child responsibility while giving them a sense of independence. Your child will be proud he did something on his own — not realizing that you set the rule to begin with.

Baby Zoo Alarm Clock ($39.99)

This alarm clock tells a child that it’s okay to rise and shine when the monkey’s eyes are open — and with the optional jungle sounds. As a bonus, help familiarize and teach your child to read the time with both a digital and analogue clock.

OK to Wake! ($26.90)

This light-up clock is fully customizable — allowing parents set the OK to Wake, time and brightness.


Sleep Enhancing Clock ($35.13)

Toddlers know if it’s time to get up by looking at the stoplight: Red means sleep, green means get up!

Teach Me Time Talking Clock ($41.99)

The Teach Me Time alarm clock is a color-changing nightlight that teaches kids to stay in bed until it changes color. After your child reaches age 7, use it as a time-teaching tool.

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