Mutsy Evo vs Britax B-Ready Stroller Comparison Video

As soon as I did the video review for the Mutsy Evo stroller people started to say that it had similar features to the Britax B-Ready. Then they started to demand…umm, I mean ask…for a video review comparing them both. Not to upset the masses, I obliged. Now don’t get any grand ideas because I can’t do this with every single stroller combination. I would need a lot more sponsors and advertisers to make that happen! In the meantime, I’ll try to bust out some of these compare videos when I can and when new strollers come out that are similar to others already on the market.

I could just type out all the differences and similarities to the Evo and the B-ready but then you wouldn’t watch the video, would you?!? So, everything you need to know is IN the video. Well, except I forgot to say that the Britax B-Ready frame is 2″ wider than the Evo frame at the widest points. The Evo is 24″ wide and the B-Ready is 26″ wide. The rest is in the video…

Buy the Mutsy Evo Stroller HERE                 Buy the Britax B-Ready Stroller Here


  1. Alexandra Pitcher says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a Mom who lives in the middle of nowhere (literally, I’m an hour and a half from the closest baby store) you make buying products for my little guy, sight unseen, so much easier!!!

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