BOB Motion vs Britax B-Agile Strollers Comparison Video

Yesterday we introduced you to the new BOB Motion Stroller! As soon as we posted our video and review, the questions poured in regarding the differences between the Britax B-Agile and the BOB Motion. Since we are here to please at Baby Gizmo, we have put together not only a handy chart to lay out the main differences but an entire side-by-side video comparison to show you everything you need to know about what is different between these two great strollers.



  1. Amanda says

    No it looks like its the same as the European Britax B-Motion…only difference I can see is that the European B-Motion has the removal bar as standard and the Bob Motion has the optional tray.

  2. Vicky roder says

    Have you done a side by side comparison of bob motion vs the city mini gt? I’m torn between the two .. Just was looking at which handles terrain better

  3. Jay P says

    Great comparison. Isn’t the BOB Motion a rebadged Britax B-Ready? If so, this could be a good comparison between both Britax strollers.

  4. Tania L. says

    Hi! I’ve just received a Bob Motion stroller (so exciting!). Do you know if the BOB motion stroller will fit in the B-Agile travel bag?

  5. Anne says

    thanks for the write up. we are seriously considering the b-agile. had it not been for your blog, we wouldn’t have known they were so similar. thinking about getting the Bob now.

  6. Kate says

    Thanks for another very informative video! I’m looking to replace my current maxi cosi foray which is staring to wear. I love the easy fold, the attached chair. The all terrain wheels and suspension are key as I walk a lot! I definitely think the Bob might be a contender for the next stroller purchase. (This would make it stroller #6… I guess you could call me a little particular!)

  7. Christy Long says

    I’ve had the B-Agile for about a year now, and while I really like it.

    My biggest complaint is it’s not easy to steer with one hand when your child is in it. and the heavier it gets you almost have to use two hands to steer it.

    But i do love so many of the features, lightweight, huge canopy, it’s nice and narrow to fit in between those narrow spaces.
    But if I had the choice then, I’d save a little longer and try to get the BOB

  8. says

    I have the b agile and love it I don’t think the $100 price difference is worth it for the bob, but I don’t run or use mine as an all terrain stroller. The side by side was very nice. Thanks again Hollie :)

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