Best Space Saving Baby Gear

As you know, we have a great partnership with Sunny Bump. It’s that new company that is all about finding the coolest things for baby through the most amazing and fun images. Lately, we have been having so much creating “collections” for you. Today we are sharing our “Best Space Saving Gear” collection since we know some parents live in a place where space can be tight.

Regardless of where you live, if you are a soon-to-be parent living in a small place – say that cozy one bedroom apartment that looked good when you were engaged- you will not want it cluttered up with tons of big baby gear. Because let’s face it – the only thing more stressful than bringing home the baby is fitting all the baby’s “stuff” into your home. We have the answer to storing gear in small spaces with a few great space saving products to keep your small space clutter-free!

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Space Saving Baby Gear by babygizmo via SunnyBump

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