ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy Review

*UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming number of bad experiences and poor customer service at ABC Mouse in the past year, we do NOT recommend signing up for this service. We suggest that you don’t even sign up for the free trial and skip it all together. Related news: read the comments under this post. Enough said.

If your children watch Sprout or Disney Junior or, even, Nick Junior, it’s likely that they and you have seen those “inspiring” commercials by the online, educational training program called ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy.

In case you haven’t heard of ABC Mouse or you have the ability to tune out incessant commercials on children’s channels, then let me tell you the gist of the program. Its curriculum is geared towards children between the ages of 2 – 6, or from preschool to kindergarten. The curriculum is offered in six levels and includes subjects such as, math, art and colors, science, music, and reading.

It was designed by early childhood education experts and was designed to encourage children to want to learn through a good mix of fun games, puzzles, printable coloring  pages and more “hardcore”  lessons on counting, writing, and more. The lessons  and activities are presented via a preselected “learning path” that you, as the parent, control.  Your child is given an avatar and tickets that they can use towards cool prizes as they progress through the program.

There are tons of ABC Mouse reviews online, so I will spare you with too much of what you can learn elsewhere and say what my experiences have been in using the program with my now three-year old.

What I Like

Okay, so let’s start with the good stuff. I like ABC Mouse because its membership options are affordable. I was able to try ABC Mouse on a 30-day trial basis for free. Otherwise, monthly memberships are around $7.95. While annual memberships are around $80 dollars or so. Along with being affordable, I like that I can truly customize my child’s experience using the program.  I also like that my child feels  like she is customizing her experience in the program as well. My daughter had a blast picking out her avatar. She also enjoys choosing prizes and being able to pick out which activities to do within the program. I also like that along with doing the nitty gritty of educational lessons, there are games and other fun freebies throughout.

What I Don’t Like

There is a lot to love about ABC Mouse, but there were a few things about the program that I don’t like as much. First, although there are hundreds of activities on the program and the experience that you get through ABC Mouse can probably not be recreated on your own, a lot of what is covered can be found online for free. Also, and this isn’t a disadvantage, just something to be aware of, while ABC Mouse is extremely user-friendly, your child will likely need your help going through the lessons. I never realized, until this program, just how much coordination and thought must go into doing basic computer operations like using a mouse or scrolling down a page! So if you’re planning to buy it for your three year old with the expectation that they’ll just go to preschool online while you pay bills in another room, forget about it. They will still need your help. And this is actually a good thing!


Overall, I think ABC Mouse is a wonderful program that can only benefit your child. If you’re on the fence about the program, I would suggest that you sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you do give the program a try, let me know what you think!


    • David says

      After using ABC mouse for four months I am completely frustrated by their lack of competent customer service. I try to view their instructional videos and I find that they are for teachers and not parents. When I email customer service they just keep telling me to view the same videos that don’t apply to the single child users. When I complain they lock my account and We have to go through numerous emails to let me use the account again. ABC MOUSE is not worth the frustration.

  1. connie s says

    I am so glad I checked all the comments regarding ABCmouse. i will not sign up with them. I had a similar problem with where I just kep being billed over and over again.
    I finally found out that i could file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
    Please, everybody with a problem regarding billing with ABCmouse, file a complaint.
    go to Go to “other website issues”, hit continue and fill out the online info sheet. I never got bothered by the cooking website again.

  2. khatch says

    Major SCAM!
    We did the free trial and my son (5 1/2) loved it. So we got the year program. After 6 months he never wanted to play it, so we cancelled….several times. He’s 7 now. We still get billed every month, we have called and emailed our cancellation multiple times. We’ve notified our credit card amd they continue to refund our account (the cc company, not abc mouse). The program is fine and the kids get on it every now and then (since we are still paying for the stupid thing), but it’s certainly not worth the $144 we’ve been billed so far. Buyer beward!

  3. Bridget says

    I cancelled my one year subscription because my kids weren’t using the program as much. When I cancelled the website stated I still had acces for the year but my subscription was cancelled. So basically I already paid for the one year so we could still use it. However, last week I was charged a yearly subscription fee again!! I have emailed and I am looking for the customer service number to call. I am very upset because I didn’t give the company permission to charge my account. I also didn’t receive any email notification of my account being charged or subscription being renewed. Just a $60 charge on my account.
    I am highly upset with this company!!!!!!!

  4. bob says

    Total bait and switch. They off you a free month, but charge you for the year. Good luck getting a refund. Their IOS app works intermittently. Total garbage. Stay far far away.

  5. leelee81 says

    I’m having the exact same billing issues as everyone else here. I had trouble logging in the 2nd time my son went to use the site. I emailed customer support & never got a reply. So I sent another request to cancel the account…a year later, Its STILL being withdrawn from my account. I just sent another email & copied myself so that I have proof. This is ridiculous!

  6. My3littleeggs says

    This app is terribly buggy. That’s pretty disenchanting to a 3-5 year old who use it as a big part of their homeschool curriculum. Even once reset, the program freezes, gets stuck on activities and will not let the child move to the appropriate level without constantly resetting it from our main computer. You can pretty much forget about using it on an ipad.
    I wish they would work out the kinks before selling it to homeschool parents on a silver platter. I’ve worked in software programming systems with fewer bugs than this silly app.

  7. Just4yall says

    Seems like a common problem with them….continuing to bill after canceling…I can’t believe they are getting away with so much of took me three times to finally get them to stop and that is only cus I demanded a conformation email so if I get billed again I have proof they are taking my money without my permission….When I canceled before on website it said same thing on screen but no email….

    • sara says

      I just cancelled my year subscription. I received a confirmation email regarding the 39.95 progress report being cancelled an no future billing, but it didn’t mention anything about the yearly charge being cancelled. On my account at the website, it states that the account has been cancelled and that no future billing will occur. Was this your experience as well? I just want to know if you had received the same info and if after were still charged. I want to keep my eyes open. Have there been any more charges since? Thank you for this post.

  8. John says

    This site is a complete ripoff. They make it very difficult to cancel the account once you start being charged monthly. Don’t fall for this scam. JB

  9. Paulette says

    abc mouse is a scam and a waste of money i would not recommend to anyone try to cancel and all they do is offer you more for more money smh do not sign up with them and then they have the nerve to not have a telephone available dont waste your time or money

  10. Brenda says

    I tried ABC Mouse and was actually okay with it. But I cancelled it due to not really using it. Well, I’m not happy because this is the second month they have withdrawn money from my acct AFTER my cancellation. I cannot find a number and when I send emails no one will help me. So I’m not happy with them. I wouldn’t use them again.

  11. Jill says

    I love ABC mouse! I’ve tried everything to get my 4 year old to learn letters. She could never remember what the letters were. One day working with ABCmouse and she can remember a, b, c, and d! I’m amazed!

  12. Jennifer says

    I am displeased with ABC Mouse they keep billing me and billing me and have cancelled my subscription to them so I pay for what?!!? Honestly there are much better FREE online places you can get all this stuff for your child to learn. What a joke!

  13. sharalee says

    I am very dissatisfied with ABC Mouse. They billed me for $60 and when I didn’t like the site after 2 months they refused to refund any of my money, and “nicely” cancelled my account but let me know that I’m paid through 2014. I am extremely frustrated because everything on the site is available for free elsewhere, and the cost is outrageous. Also as an educator, the content is low level and not to high standards of learning.

    • sara says

      I just cancelled my account, and received the same information as yourself. I’m curious to know if you had received any other charges after the year expired?

  14. Heidi says

    so far so good. I love this site. I never thought that my 3 year old would be completely independent when using this site. I wanted to utilize it as a child/parent participation sort of a thing. I like sitting with her while she’s doing the activities and lessons so I can help fill on a lot of the blanks that seem to occur when your kid is in the “why phase”. If you’re willing to participate with them this is an amazing program. it helps set up guidelines for lessons , activities and conversations. I see it being more as training wheels for the parents :)

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