Our New Summer Fave – Lollipop Cookies!

lollipop cookies

My kids love to help me in the kitchen. Is that a good thing? I guess but I am always torn between “This is so fun!” and “This is so annoying!” My goals are usually to keep them entertained for a short while, to end up with something yummy that makes us all happy, and to make it into some kind of lesson.  (We homeschool, so they end up with a mini math lesson when we measure … [Read more...]

A Great Summer Getaway – Holiday World!


Are you looking for a fun summer getaway destination? Maybe somewhere not so far from home or maybe somewhere you’ve never been before? We live in the Midwest and are always looking for a fun place to spend a weekend without having to drive forever to get there. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana is the perfect place for a little getaway full of family fun.It is a theme … [Read more...]

Get Fit (And Maybe Rich!) By Starting a Spring Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge

Are you as ready for spring as I am?  Are you tired of being inside all winter and just want to get outside?  Me too!  I like to make weather-related excuses for my lack of exercise.  It’s too cold.  It’s too wet.  It’s too windy.  It might rain. I really enjoy walking and cycling but during our Illinois winter, I just can’t make myself do it.  Instead, I half-heartedly (read: … [Read more...]

Breast Exams 101 (from a Survivor!)


  About the Author: Beth Cooper is a small-town girl from south-central Illinois. She has been happily married since 1999, has three little Mini Coopers, ages 7, 3, and 1, that keep her very busy and make her laugh.  Nobody wants to think about breast cancer.  It’s a scary subject, right?  Okay, how many of you do a monthly breast self-exam, raise your hand?  … [Read more...]

A Real Mom’s Review of the 2014 GMC Yukon XL Denali

Yukon 2014

Are you in the market for a new vehicle?  Have you been looking for something bigger?  Maybe you are the type of person that prefers an suv over a van?  Well then, you might be interested in reading this review of my new ride.  I just purchased a new 2014 GMC Yukon XL Denali and there is a lot to love about it.Previously, I drove a GMC Acadia.  I loved that car but we … [Read more...]