Sick Bin: Get organized and prepared… ahead of time


In our house we have a First Aid kit, Earthquake Kit and locked cabinets full of medicine and emergency needs for our kids. What I didn’t realize we needed was a Sick Bin. Now before you go and call me crazy/too cautious/too organized, think of the times when your child unexpectedly vomited all over you, your furniture, bed, carpet and bathroom. With my kids, it comes out of … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Etsy style for kids


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but you still have time to get your little one a last minute outfit or be inspired to make one yourself. Thanks to the lovely and talented people at Etsy, here are some of our favorite designs for your little Valentine.  XOXO Valentine’s Day shirt $23  I’m big on shirts and outfits that are meant for a holiday but can be … [Read more...]

Family activity: Your very own family day


There’s a day to celebrate love (Valentine’s Day), there’s a day to celebrate a man that changed equality (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and there’s a day to celebrate the birth of your child (birthday), but what about starting your own day? Starting your our own family tradition? Maybe one that your kids can pass down from generation to generation.How to pick a family … [Read more...]

How do you handle being sick?


Because I? I am a wimp. I can birth a 9 pound 9 ounce baby naturally but I can’t stand having a paper cut on my finger… or being sick.God should have built women to have an immunity of steel or at least with some feel good hormones and endorphins so the female body thinks it’s doing something like having a baby – minus the baby.For the past 5 days I’ve contemplated … [Read more...]

Dear Beyoncé,


Dear Beyoncé,First of all, congratulations on your new baby girl! Everyone here at Baby Gizmo wishes you and your family much happiness.Although, it’s kind of hard not to be happy when you have seven nannies, baby nurses, personal assistants, life coaches, make-up artists, nutritionists, personal trainers and don’t even get me started on your home gym, which is probably … [Read more...]