Last minute shopping tips and ideas


It doesn't matter how organized you think you are, life seems to throw in a curve balls every once in a while. Almost everyone I know has come down with a nasty bug, which keeps him or her bedridden and unable to hit the stores for holiday shipping. Well, that's not completely true considering I've seen some green looking people walking the aisles of Target when they should be … [Read more...]

I’m sick of Santa getting all the credit


Okay, not really... We're not that vain.But this year, we're changing things up a little when it comes to the gifts under the Christmas tree. Last year was a bit excessive, and while that is hard for me to say (because I love giving gifts), it was evident about 10 minutes after all the gifts were opened. As expected, the boys flocked to their favorite toys and the rest … [Read more...]

LEGO and small storage solutions for all those holiday toys


Are you looking at the gifts you purchased for your children with wide eyes? LEGOs are always a must-have holiday toy -- they also come with a lot of little pieces. Even the DUPLO blocks need a place to live (and hurt like heck when you step on them). Here's our roundup of this year's must-have LEGO (and other small toy) storage solutions.Swoop BagWith Swoop Bags ($45), … [Read more...]

Holiday gifts for the mom-to-be


Give the pregnant mom-to-be these great holiday gifts! She's sure to love the humor, practicality and thought that go into each one of these gifts. P@rn For New Moms This hilarious book shows images of good-looking guys doing exactly what new mothers want, think and need. This fun book will bring some big belly laughs to the mom-to-be this holiday season. Deluxe Pregnancy … [Read more...]

RoSK Woobee Pouch Review


The Woobee Pouch is the must-have accessory for winter! We love Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK) products so it's no surprise that we can't get enough of the newest member of the RoSK family -- the Woobee Pouch.Like its cousin -- the All-Weather Woobee -- the Woobee Pouch is designed to provide comfort, protection from the elements and warmth in cold weather conditions but the … [Read more...]