Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice


I don't know about you but come October I am obsessed with everything pumpkin and everything "Pumpkin Spice". From coffee to cream cheese, you name it, as long as it's got pumpkin in the title, I'm into it. There's just something so warm and inviting about the combination of spices used to make up what is classically known as pumpkin pie spice. It's great in dishes both savory … [Read more...]

Fall Favorite: Apple Cider Granita


It's Fall! Hooray!!! I may have entered the season kicking and screaming but as soon as the leaves begin to change and that cool crisp air sets in, I'm an easy convert. Plus, what's not to love about Fall, right? Pumpkin and apple picking are two of my favorite activities and let's not forget about Halloween! There's lots to do and more importantly, so much to eat! The weather … [Read more...]

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes

pasta muff

Believe it or not, I rarely if ever get to watch Food Network or any other network for that matter. Mommyhood and work keeps me pretty busy. But recently I caught an episode of one of my favorite Food Network Chefs, Giada Di Laurentis and boy was I glad I did. She was doing an episode called Giada's Kids in The Kitchen and it was really cute. She made a bunch of kid-friendly … [Read more...]

Feed Yourself First: Beet Berry Blast Smoothie


Why is it that as soon as we become parents, we seem to completely forget about our own needs? And I'm not talking about going to the gym or getting a mani/pedi, I'm  talking basic needs like food and water.  Maybe it's just me but after four years and two kids I'm still guilty of this and it's got to stop. Don't the flight attendants always tell you to place the oxygen mask on … [Read more...]

Easiest, Crispiest Bacon You’ve Ever Had!

bacon 1

You know that when a person claims something is the "easiest" or the "crispiest", they better mean it. And I do! Seriously, folks, I'm not a bacon eater but my husband is and he approves of this method without question. And whether you are a bacon fan or not, you have to agree, it's kind of a pain in the butt to fry it up in a skillet on your stove top. Grease spatter is … [Read more...]

Leftovers Never Tasted THIS Good: Spaghetti Frittata

pasta pie 1

I hate to waste food and I know many people feel the same way. Inevitably we make too much of something, we put it into an airtight container to eat later and then it sits in our fridge until it grows legs and walks away or we are forced to clean out the fridge because of a suspicious smell. C'mon. You know you've been there. Leftovers are very often looked over and forgotten … [Read more...]

Baked Breaded Pork Chops


I get asked a lot about weeknight meals. People are always curious what my weeknight go-to family meals are. Because I develop recipes for a living I think that most people assume I'm feeding my family fancy-pants meals every night and that's just not the case. Regardless of  my profession, we're still a family and a busy one at that (who isn't, right?). So weeknight meals need … [Read more...]

Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia Seeds, My New Best Friend!

chai seeds

You see those things up there that look like black sesame seeds? They are Chia Seeds and they're my new best friend. Ever since they popped up in my local Trader Joe's as a "new item", I cannot stop using them. I know, I know. Now you have that dang Chi Chi Chi Chia pet commercial jingle in your head, right? You're welcome. :) But seriously folks, I use them in EVERYTHING … [Read more...]

Shirley Temple Ice Pops


We love popsicles around our house and over the years I've come up with quite a few recipes. I've discovered that no matter what ingredients I choose, if I freeze them inside a cute mold on a stick, the kids are sure to love them.  Needless to say they are really pop-ular  (pun intended-I'm a dork!) around our house so I try to always have a batch in the freezer, especially … [Read more...]

Pesto Roasted Chicken Thighs

chicken 1

I've told you before just how much homemade pesto rocks! I've even given you five great uses for it besides as a pasta sauce. But today my friends, I give you yet another tasty recipe using pesto and quite possibly my favorite of the bunch: Pesto Roasted Chicken thighs. That's right! Pesto makes an excellent chicken coating and the recipe couldn't be simpler. Just make up a … [Read more...]

Summer Squash, Corn and Cheddar Fritters


It's no secret that summertime is an exciting time to visit the farmers market. Even the produce aisle at your local supermarket is more enticing and bursting with colorful fruits and veggies this time of year. I have to admit I have to restrain myself when I'm shopping in the warmer months because if I'm not careful, I buy too much, and things start to wilt and go bad before … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Meatballs


Growing up Italian, it's a rite of passage when you learn your grandmothers meatball recipe. It's something that is passed down from generation to generation. Each family has their own special twist and lord knows every recipe is as individual as the family themselves, but they all have one thing in common, tradition. In fact, a  family meatball recipe is more than just a well … [Read more...]

Package Juice Alternative: Citrus Spritzers


For the first two and a half years of my oldest sons life we kept his beverage options to three things: milk, water and seltzer. We're not a big juice family for many reasons, namely SUGAR and because I really see no good reason to give it to young ones when eating whole fruit is just as delicious, healthier and full of fiber. Also, did you know that pre-packaged juices are one … [Read more...]

Summer Entertaining: Mojito Mocktails!


I love Summer entertaining, mostly because it's usually super casual and laid back. In fact, I probably entertain more in the summer than I do all year long because it's just so easy. All you need is a couple of easy dishes and one or two signature drinks to make a party seem really special. One of my favorite things to offer guests at any gathering is a signature … [Read more...]

Afternoon Pick Me Up: Espresso Granita Con Panna


I'm not a huge coffee drinker but every now and again I need a little caffeine jolt. I think every parent can relate to needing a pick me up, especially on those mornings when you've been up all night with a kiddo who just wants to partaay! Anyway, I find myself wanting coffee more in the summertime because I really enjoy it iced. Plain iced coffee is good but my favorite way … [Read more...]