Simple Summer Strawberry Cake


Here in the Pacific Northwest the school year is wrapping up and berries are in full swing! In fact, from what I hear at the local farm stands, strawberries are on the verge of ending their season a bit early and before we know it, raspberries will be on their way! And yes, if you're reading my mind, this recipe could also be done with raspberries or blueberries or blackberries … [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Buy BEFORE Your Trip To Disneyland

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My daughter and I are flying to Disneyland for a girl's only adventure this fall and I'm absolutely giddy with anticipation. At just 2 weeks shy of her 5th birthday, this will be her first visit and I just know it will be absolutely magical!We're going as budget as possible and with that, I've been researching how to keep our souvenir line item in check. As much as I want … [Read more...]

Cinderella — The Soundtrack You Don’t Want To Miss

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Back in March when I saw the new Cinderella at the theater I was a bit skeptical. The previews looked beautiful, but would the story be as captivating as I had hoped?The answer is a resounding YES! My daughter and I both adored the film and have been counting down the days until its’ DVD release  ... September 15, 2015. So, as we wait we’ve been listening to the soundtrack … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Popcorn!

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Some of the ingredients in microwave popcorn bags is just yucky. Which is what made me decide to check out how to make popcorn myself. Thankfully, it's 10x easier than I ever imagined. And WAY yummier!First up, you don't need a popcorn machine! Such good news for me because we don't have a pantry and I don't have room for extra appliances. This recipe only requires a large … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Pacific Science Center

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Seattle, Washington boasts tons of amazing activities for families, but the Pacific Science Center will always be one of my top picks. Over the years I've probably visited 15 times, as a child myself and now as a mama. Here in the Northwest most kids take a field trip at some point and growing up my family had an annual pass every few years. Pretty much, we love the Pacific … [Read more...]