Baby, what’s your sign (language)?


From the very beginning, I've felt The Bee has been one big guessing game. We learned quickly that while most of his cries were about food, nap time or expressing his total hatred for tummy time, there were times where we had absolutely no clue what he desired. And as his crying bordered on hysterical as we shoved towards him almost every toy, blankie and snack in the house, I … [Read more...]

Wordy Journey: Building a Vocabulary in My Toddler!


The Bee's approaching 18 months and like most 1st time moms, I worry about his development more than I should. Being that he's exhibited slight delays (and that's of course my "expert" opinion) I wanted to make sure that we were doing whatever we could to help him "catch up." Especially in the speech department! So here are some things we're doing in our house that have been … [Read more...]

Answer to my Sippy Cup Prayer? We’ll See!


I don’t know how it crept up on me, but The Bee’s approaching 17 months. And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but… he still has two bottles a day of milk. Now before you give me The Lecture (and believe me, our pediatrician’s given me The Lecture plenty of times), I have been trying, truly. I have a list of the different sippies we’ve tried and it is well into the double digits. … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Working Mom Part 1: The Confessional Opens!


One year. It’s been one year since I’ve rejoined the workforce. It was hard to pry myself away from The Bee (literally, I was a breastfeeding machine!), but I had no choice as my dear hubby got laid off when The Bee was 3 months old and we decided it would be best that he stay at home with The Bee while I supported the family. Hey, if families of the world have been doing it … [Read more...]

KidKraft Plush Dinosaur Rocker Review


KidKraft’s Bargain Rocker Is A Good Deal We’ve all seen the KidKraft rockers on various deal-a-day websites and I finally caved after seeing it for the 5th time since The Bee was getting into ride-on toys. KidKraft was established in 1968 and develops a variety of children’s furniture and toys. From kitchens to personalized toy chests, you’re sure to find an item that … [Read more...]

Can we get a do-over of the phrase “Sleeping Like a Baby?”


Ahh, the middle of the night. I’ve become quite familiar with it. During one of my recent stints of being up with The Bee, I remembered the phrase “Sleeping Like a Baby” and started to laugh. Pre-baby, I thought that it meant peaceful, restful and quiet sleep. Post-baby, I can clearly see I was SO wrong. In fact, my sleep-deprived mind started pondering about the author of … [Read more...]

Road tripping with a toddler? Easier than you would believe!


“Honey, tickets to fly will cost us $350” “Hmm, why don’t we drive instead?” “Sure, I’m sure we’ll enjoy the ride!” And with those famous words, my fate was sealed: An 8 hour (one-way) road trip to a destination just south of San Francisco, CA. Over the Christmas holiday. With a 14-month old. Doable? YES! Crazy? ABSOLUTELY. Now we’re no strangers of long … [Read more...]

Gyro Bowl: A No-Spill Bowl? Yes! For the most part that is…


I had a pleasant mini vacation over the holidays where I could stay up until the wee hours of the night because I didn’t have to work the next day! Of course, staying up meant the informercials were out in full force during late night programming on the TV. Now I’ve been able to ignore Snuggies and counter rotisseries; even the lure of those cookers that makes pocket meals in … [Read more...]

Top Holiday Picks for You, the Last Minute Shopper


I don’t intentionally buy at the last minute. I’m quite proud to say that I bought presents on Christmas Eve only ONCE and this year I finished on December 20 (not by choice mind you, we’re going out of town and I had to get done “early”)! But, I’m a procrastinator by nature. It’s where I shine! I can spend days looking at presents for people, but when you have that last minute … [Read more...]

Announcing Your Pregnancy- The Holiday Edition


Around this time last year, I was blessed with the news that my best friend was pregnant! Being that it was right around the holidays, we all thought Christmas day would be a great way to announce her pregnancy to her family….but how? Here are some ideas we thought of Balloons! Fill green and red balloons with a rolled up $1.00 bill. In some balloons, put a note that … [Read more...]

Top Picks For The Holidays: From A to Z!


Call me crazy, but I love giving gifts that start with the same first letter in the name of the person I’m gifting to! So here’s a fun little list of items you can gift this holiday season from A-Z! A- is for Animals           Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! My recommendation is a Gund stuffed animal. They’re so soft! Just stay away from the more disturbing ones (I saw one … [Read more...]

Fine…er Dining With Your Child!


I’m not exactly scared to eat at a restaurant; The Bee is a pretty good restaurant patron after all. He haphazardly eats his way through pretty much anything we throw at him, smiles and babbles on cue to waitresses and at the end of the meal, we just sweep up what the floor wouldn’t eat and we’re on our merry little way. However, I just don’t want to turn into that family. You … [Read more...]

Top Picks for Disney Gifts for the Holidays!


Top Picks From Disney! One of the best things about living in Southern California is the multitude of amusement parks relatively near by. Even better for me is that I live less than 10 minutes away from Disneyland! And I’m happy to report that the “Happiest Place on Earth” is pretty much the “Holiday-iest Place on Earth” these days and I couldn’t be more excited. Here are … [Read more...]

Not So Funny Chuckle Buddies Monkey


There's no doubt about it, The Bee loves toys that move on their own, so I'm always on the hunt for anything motion activated. I saw something like the toy in this review at a Hallmark and thought it was quite cute, but they didn't have a monkey ("his" animal) displayed so I held off on purchasing one. Much to my delight, I came home one day and a present from Nana … [Read more...]

One Stroller, Two Strollers, Three Strollers…More?!


One Stroller, Two Strollers, Three Strollers…More?! *knock knock knock* This meeting of Strollerholics Anonymous is now in session! One thing that drew me to Baby Gizmo was the wide array of strollers I’ve been introduced to. But, that also meant I wanted a whole lot of strollers! I mean, seriously, how can you choose just ONE? Back when I was researching strollers, I … [Read more...]