Yes, I’m Happy to be a Mom of Three Girls

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 Everyone said my third child would be a boy. Without having confirmation from an ultrasound, my body and every midwives tale I knew pointed in the direction of "boy."I carried low. I carried narrow. I didn't get the same bloated "look" that some, without any shame, confessed I had in previous pregnancies. I took a Chinese gender predictor at eight months pregnant, … [Read more...]

5 Best/Worst Things About Having Children Close in Age


 I am often asked how I do it with three children under the age of four. And usually my answer to this question is some variation of "Who me?" I don't really know how I do it. But I do do it because I have to, and because, really, there's no alternative when you think about it.I get asked a lot if I would recommend having children close in age. I can't really … [Read more...]

7 Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dresses to Love For Summer


Maxi dresses are a go-to fashion staple for most all pregnant moms in summer months because they look great throughout all three trimesters, do much to flatter curves and growing bellies, and are so versatile. With plus sized pregnant moms in mind, we’re sharing our top 7 picks for maxi dresses that are perfect for the summer months.1.    Plus Size Short Sleeve Stretch … [Read more...]

Yummy Pizza Crust Recipe

pizza crust

A good homemade pizza crust is simple to make, textual pleasing, rises well, and serves as a perfect compliment to all the cheese, veggies, and meats you plan to put on its top.Here’s a recipe for a pizza crust that I always make for my family. It fits all of the above criteria and more. Make it for dinner tonight or for your next dinner party, and it will be an instant … [Read more...]

And we’re having a…

In my first two pregnancies, I found out the gender of my babies at exactly 20 weeks.I couldn't wait until that ultrasound appointment because I couldn't wait to see if my gender suspicions were right or wrong.The first time, I assumed I would be having a girl. And I did have a girl. The second time, I assumed it would be a boy but held out on "calling it" when others … [Read more...]