Safety 1st Grow and Go Car Seat Review


  A car seat purchase is one of the most important purchases we will ever make- not only will it keep your child safe, but it is also the one piece of equipment that they will spend hours of their lives sitting, eating, drinking, sleeping, pooping, peeing, screaming. talking, whining, and crying in. So my advice? Make it a good purchase. We recently installed the … [Read more...]

Lip and Tongue Tie Revision Saved Our Breastfeeding Relationship


This is a guest post by Annie C. Humphrey, a history professor in Burlington who recently gave birth to her first child. After years of dreaming, fertility treatment, and nine months of preparation, my son was born by an natural birth in the hospital. I knew the importance of skin-to-skin contact and initiating breastfeeding as soon as possible, so I helped my son latch on to … [Read more...]

Hedbanz: A Fun Game For The Whole Family!


We were recently gifted this game, and it has provided us with so many laughs, that I had to share it! Hedbanz is the classic old "What am I?" game, where you each wear a headband and there is a card placed on your head with a picture of a thing on it- an airplane, an animal, a type of food- and your job is guess what you are by asking the other layers questions! This set … [Read more...]

PSA: Travel Abroad With A Copy of Your Child’s Birth Certificate


Given that I am from London and all my family live there, I try to visit once a year from where I now live with my family in California. I have always gone through passport control with no problem, but this time we ran into a small issue upon our arrival to London. It only delayed us by about ten minutes, maybe less, but it could have been made into a bigger issue and I thought … [Read more...]

Featured Review: Evenflo Advanced Transitions 3-in-1 Booster Seat


Gosh. Car seats are tricky aren't they? They're one of the most important things you will ever need for your child for several years, and because there are so many on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which one to get. As your children grow older, you want to think about a seat that will last to the end of your car-seat-needing days. If you have an infant car … [Read more...]

Marble Run Review: Hours of Building Fun!

marble run 2

On a recent Target trip, we purchased this Marble Run game for my 4.5 year old daughter who is a HUGE fan of marbles. I'm glad I did- it's a quiet toy with no batteries, that really exercises her mind. You'll find 55 pieces in the box and 15 marbles, and all you need to do is build your very own run however you like, pop your marble in and watch it follow the path. But does … [Read more...]

10 Things You Thought You’d Never Do As A Parent


Let's face it: there's a 'Before Kids' mentality and an 'After Kids' mentality. Before kids, you have visions of a smiling, happy, easy child that you'll be able to calm when they cry using nothing but your soothing voice. After kids, you become more in tune with reality and you know that that smiling and happy child exists, you just wonder where they've gone when they're … [Read more...]

Dear TV, iPhone and iPad- I’m Sorry I Judged You


Dear Tv, iPhone and iPad, I'm sorry I wronged you. I'm sorry in the past I saw kids glued to your screen and scoffed "I will never be that mother!" I'm sorry I questioned how hard it was for parents to keep their kids entertained that they had to resort to using in while in restaurants, checkout lines or at the post office. My arrogant mind kept thinking- "How hard can … [Read more...]

App Brings Lactation Consultant into Your Home!


Ever had a hard time finding a lactation consultant? Breastfeeding can have many challenges, so finding the right support along with the right person to answer your questions is crucial. Enter the Doctor on Demand app, which brings a Board Certified lactation consultant into your home! No driving around with a new baby- you can access the video visits from your computer or … [Read more...]

Product Review: ELC Lift Off Rocket


    If you have a child that's into rocket ships and astronauts like my four and two year old, then they're going to love the ELC Lift Off Rocket. We've actually owned it for almost a year now, but I just noticed it was on sale on Amazon for $39.99 (usually it retails for $59.99) so I had to let you know! The rocket ship is 13 inches tall and weighs about … [Read more...]

Nationwide’s Controversial Superbowl Commercial


During the Superbowl yesterday, Nationwide premiered this controversial commercial about childhood deaths. It shows a young boy who is unable to fulfill his dreams because, in his words, he died. The commercial states The number one cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents. At Nationwide, we believe in protecting what happens most: your kids. Together, we can … [Read more...]

7 Things No-one Tells You About Having a C-Section


[infobox style="alert_box"] This post was written by mommy blogger, Habiba. Habiba is from London, UK, and a new mother to a baby girl. She's also a freelance editor and blogs about food (and life!) in her spare time.[/infobox] Coming up is an important milestone for me, which will mark three months to the date that I went through two life-changing events: 1) on 16 July 2014 … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: How To Keep Little Kids Busy


Today we're sharing a quick tip on how to keep your kids busy at a restaurant or at home when you need five minutes of peace to just drink that cup of coffee alone. This is for parents of little ones, mainly toddlers and preschoolers, and involves you having two bags of $1 toys from Target, Dollar Tree etc in your home that you must keep hidden from your children! One bag is … [Read more...]

Review: Disney Girls’ “Frozen” Silver-Plated Anna and Elsa Pendant Necklace


If you're looking for a simple gift for a little girl who is a big fan of Frozen this holiday season, consider this necklace from Disney. My 4 year old daughter recently received this and she absolutely loves it! I had to tell you about it because it's not like your usual plastic Frozen necklace- this comes on an 18 inch silver chain and the pendant is silver plated, so it … [Read more...]

My Miscarriage Experience


  Something about writing to other women, other parents, helps me get through the hard days. I wrote when my Mirena IUD perforated my uterus at 6 weeks post partum and I had to have emergency surgery, when we found out my son had lip tie and that that's what was causing my intense breastfeeding pain, and here I am again. Writing to you about my miscarriage last night. … [Read more...]