Flaunt Your Patriotic Side with These Fourth of July Fashions

lil miss america

It's a no-brainer to wear "red, white and blue" on July 4th but here's how your family can stand out from the rest of the pack:Miss America Girls 4th of July T shirt Newborn Up to Youth ShirtsSupport an American small business by buying this adorable shirt from an etsy vendor. All American Cupcake Tee ($22)Ruffle red, white, and blue … [Read more...]

A BRAVE Princess Who Confronts Her Choices & Fate Head-on


My husband reluctantly went with me to a screening of Brave, the latest Disney/Pixar film.  Ironically, he was the one who actually enjoyed it much more than I did.In Brave, a skilled Scottish princess and archer named Merida from long ago defies an age-old custom amongst the Clans, causing chaos in her kingdom. After consulting an elderly wise woman for help, her family … [Read more...]

What To Get Dad for Father’s Day – Part 2


Men and women are generally different when it comes to gifts.  Personally, I love being lavished with boxes (doesn't matter the size), beautifully wrapped in pretty paper with ribbons and bows.  Growing up, instead of presents, my dad requested that we behave.  My husband is very economical and thrifty so here's a bunch of gifts that won't hurt the budget/bottom line.I MAKE … [Read more...]

Kiwi Crate: Monthly Arts & Crafts Projects Delivered Right To Your Mailbox


My interest was piqued when I read about how several celebs' children were enjoying Kiwi Crate in a recent issue of US Weekly.  I reached out to the PR department who provided me with press materials and a sample to review.Launched last fall, Kiwi Crate is a wonderful new monthly art project by subscription service for  kids, created by parents. Each month, you'll  receive … [Read more...]

Yum! It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

levain gift box

I never need an excuse to write about chocolate chip cookies!  Heck, I recently compared 50 Shades' Christian Grey to a chocolate chip cookie.  (See, I have it bad)So I feel it is my duty to alert you that TODAY, Tuesday, May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.But I am even going to go one further and share some of my absolute favorite chocolate chip … [Read more...]