$1200 Alphabet Noodle Soup


$1 for Alphabet Noodles $2 for organic carrots $1.50 for organic celery $3 for cute vegetable cutters $1 for organic chicken stock $4 for organic cooked chicken DO bring ingredients together on stove top.  DO NOT sit your MacBook next to the stove top where chicken stock can magically jump from the box over the pot on to the most expensive piece of electronics in your … [Read more...]

Forty Days Unplugged


The title is an exaggeration.  I can’t entirely unplug my computer.  I do need email, skype and everything else to stay connected me to family in the USA.  I did however cut out the tv, the ipad, facebook, and my internet surfing habits.  This social experiment involved not just myself but my children and occasionally my husband.Let me be clear that this is my own … [Read more...]

Crispy Green: Our new favorite go to snack


Anyone else have kids who act as if they haven't been fed for days but dinner is still a solid 30 minutes away? Its a tough situation because I understand that kids can't control their hunger but I don't want them to spoil their dinner with snacks.  When I am on top of my game I can offer some fresh veggies but let's face it most days I am not.  I need something quick, small, … [Read more...]

50% off at See Kai Run. Great selection!


See Kai Run is having a winter markdown and its spectacular.  50% off everything in the online store.  We love See Kai Run shoes.  They are flexible, adorable and durable.  What else could a mom want? They have 3 lines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  As if the shoes weren't enough See Kai Run has a fabulous website that makes browsing for shoes so easy.  Use the drop … [Read more...]

Going out of Business sale at Nubius Organics


Save 40% off everything at Nubius Organics until January 29th using code CLOSEOUT40.  They have a great selection of all your favorite organic and environmentally friendly items.  Shipping is not free but looks reasonable for most items.  Check it out! Shop Nubius Organics … [Read more...]