Getting Your Kids In Line On Time


Now that school is starting back up again many of my mommy friends are slightly worried, OK freaking out, about how they are going to make it to school on time every morning. This is especially true of my SAHM friends with first time Kindergarteners and several younger siblings. I know getting everyone up and ready in a timely fashion can be tricky. This year I’ll have a First … [Read more...]

Best Preschool & Little Kid Back To School Backpacks


It is school supply season, and many of us will be buying our children new backpacks. Sure, you can grab one of those bags with a character sprayed across the front. However, they are usually too big for your little one to really carry themselves, and they are notoriously unreliable. Last year it took only six weeks for my daughter’s zipper to break, and my son had a hole in … [Read more...]

It’s a Bike, It’s a Stroller, It’s a Taga!!!

Taga Stroller

If you want to get technical the Taga is a bakfiet (Dutch for cargo or carrier bike). The Taga was developed in the Netherlands where they use three wheeled bikes with large boxes or seats to carry cargo and children from place to place. Here in America we typically use bike trailers that may or may not change into a stroller at your destination. What sets the Taga apart is the … [Read more...]

JuJuBe Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review


Are you that mom that likes to pack for every possible circumstance? Maybe you travel often, and need a weekend/carry on diaper bag? Or maybe you have several children or twins, and need a bag that can handle the kitchen sink. If any of these applies to you look no further than the JuJuBe Be Prepared diaper bag. I have owned this bag for several years now, and it is still my go … [Read more...]

Busy Bags: Keeping Little Hands Busy

stick velcro busy bag

I have recently discovered “Busy Bags”. They are parent filled bags that contain a learning activity to keep a young child entertained while parents do whatever they need to do. They are great for getting chores done or traveling. The materials are inexpensive, and can be played with again and again. You can use a Ziploc, but I prefer a cheap plastic pencil case. Not only are … [Read more...]

JuJuBe Luxury Diaper Bags


Ju-Ju-Be is a fun loving company that specializes in the most amazing diaper bags. Since their debut in 2005 they’ve developed an almost cult like following by moms who have fallen in love with the quality and functionality of their bags.  Their customers are so devoted that JuJuBe holds a “Pink Ladies” weekend retreat in California each year for their fans. The JuJuBe website … [Read more...]

Fun Ideas for Your Easter Party!!


Fun Ideas for Your Easter Party!! Each year I throw an Easter party at my house for my kids (6 & 3) and their friends. It is a big hit, and is something they both look forward to. Now I am far from Martha Stewart so if I can do it, I’m sure you can too. It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive  (think Dollar Store plates) to be a big hit with kids. Just be a little … [Read more...]

Not Your Average Candy Filled Easter Basket


7 Fun Easter Baskets That Do Not Include Candy With Easter fast approaching moms everywhere are purchasing items for their kids’ Easter baskets. When packing an Easter basket many of us automatically think chocolate rabbits, marshmallow Peeps, and Whopper eggs. In the interest of raising healthy kids a little bit of sweets goes a long way. So….what else do you put in that … [Read more...]

Best Baby Entertainers By The Buck


Most people know baby entertainers by Evenflo’s name brand ExerSaucer. Whatever you call them you are  going to want one.  Not only is it a safe spot for your infant to play, but it will also allow you a few moments of peace to get some of those never ending chores done. They are also great for baby’s development.  Toys surrounding the seat teach concepts like cause & … [Read more...]

Space and Wallet Saving Alternatives to High Chairs


With my first baby I bought a mid-range standard high chair. I chose it because it had fun features like a storage basket, and toy bar. I had visions of a sweet baby happily playing with organized bibs & burp cloths underneath as I cooked dinner. Little did I know that both would end up being nothing more than crumb catchers, and just something else I had to clean! Not to … [Read more...]