Huggies Launches New Slip-On Diapers


If you’ve ever tried to change the diaper of an active toddler, you will feel my pain.  Now that Little Bud has started walking (i.e. running around like a crazy man), he has absolutely no time for diaper changes.  In fact, holding him down long enough to do the “dirty work” is a lot like wresting a baby alligator (or so I’ve heard). The first issue is chasing him down and … [Read more...]

Great Storage Solutions for the Car


Do you ever feel like you live out of your car?  I do.  Let’s face it.  Most of us lead such hectic, on-the-go lifestyles that our vehicles oftentimes end up being our second home.  Between our works commutes, daily errands, and running the kids all over town, many families spend more of their waking hours in their car than in their house. I usually end of trying to stuff … [Read more...]

Tips for Avoiding a Road Trip Meltdown


There must be something about a car trip that triggers a baby’s meltdown mechanism.  Oh sure…most children love the car in small doses, and you may even be one of those lucky parents whose little one is actually lulled to sleep by the motion of a moving vehicle.  We’ve all heard the stories about the sleep-deprived parent who loads their crying baby into the van at 2am for a … [Read more...]

Ideas for Fun Family Stay-cations


I nearly passed out the other day when I filled up my car’s gas tank.  Sure, we all know gas prices have gone up, but this is ridiculous.  I mean, come on - $70 for gas that won’t even last my SUV a full week?  I cringed as I pulled my receipt from the pump and muttered some colorful words under my breath. Daddy and I had discussed the plans for our summer vacation this … [Read more...]

Tired of Getting Bugged? Try These All-Natural Repellents


Summer’s here, and unfortunately, so are the mosquitoes.  It seems like no matter what I do, I’m always getting bugged by bugs.  Those pesky little critters are constantly swarming around and I get attacked the second I walk outside. Sure, I've tried all the regular repellents.  They seem to work for a little while, but they all have their drawbacks.  You either spray on … [Read more...]