5 beauty products that make you look like you slept in


I never get enough sleep. How about you? Although my kids are finally going to bed at an appropriate hour, I'm not. The silence and solitude are luxurious. I spend it catching up on crappy TV, reading books, or messing around on Pinterest. You name it and I'm doing it when I should be sleeping.I pay for it the next day and it shows all over my face. Thankfully there are … [Read more...]

5 simple ways to get some alone time


I love my kids. You probably love yours too. They're great but sometimes you need a few minutes to yourself. Everyone deserves a little peace and quiet but its common knowledge that young kids loathe peace and are the bitter enemy of quiet.Sigh.Had a long day? Need a few minutes to wolf down some candy in the forbidden solitude of your linen closet?Here are 5 simple … [Read more...]

Nap Time Workouts. Get fit while the kids sleep.


Before I had kids I was a bonafide gym rat. One hour of cardio in the morning and one hour of weight lifting during my lunch hour. Sometimes I'd throw in a swim, run by the beach, or some Pilates. Times sure have changed. I rarely have a second alone and when I do find a bit of solitude I have a million things I want to accomplish. Exercise was at the bottom of my to do … [Read more...]

Sneaking veggies to your kids. Yay or nay?


Know what drives me completely crazy? When people say things like "Well, that's what my mom/grandma/auntie betty did and we turned out okay". That's great that your mom let you run around a rusty junkyard wearing paper bags as shoes but I choose not to do the same. Thanks. Nice feet by the way.Anyway.In this instance it might be appropriate. I am talking about the … [Read more...]

5 DIY Popsicle recipes to beat the heat


I'm in Indiana for the summer and it is HOT. So hot. It's taken me a month but I'm slowly getting used to it. Eighty-degrees used to feel downright intolerable to me but now? I'll take it! We've had some ninety degree stretches and while it is very welcome (sure beats winter) I'm always looking for simple ways to cool off.What's better than a homemade popsicle? Nothing. … [Read more...]