11 Witty Onesies for Twins

Onesies for Twins

As a mom of three kids under three, my sense of humor is one of my greatest assets. Some days, if I didn’t laugh I’d cry. As a twin mom, everyone seems fascinated by my identical girls, and the attention and questions coming from complete strangers can drive me insane. My sense of humor saves me every time. If I’m going to get gawked at and stopped for endless streams of … [Read more...]

The Secret Money-Saving Rules of Shopping for Baby

secret shopping

Since 2015 is our 10 year anniversary for Baby Gizmo, we know a thing or two about buying stuff for baby. Having a baby and shopping for all the fun gear for them isn't cheap but if you follow a few rules, you can definitely save a bundle of money. Here is a summary of our best money-saving secrets when buying baby gear.1)  If your first instinct is that a product is ugly, … [Read more...]

Original Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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It must just be me, but I find most Father's Day gift ideas to be pretty awful. Or, maybe, awful is pretty harsh - but I never picture myself giving those gifts to my husband (on behalf of my son, of course) or my dad.I've done a lot of searching for gift ideas and wanted to share the round up of those ideas here on Baby Gizmo. I know many of us wait until last minute as … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads


I think celebrating a dad's first Father's Day is a very special occasion. Presumably, their whole life has changed drastically recently with the addition of a baby to their family, and I think it's important to acknowledge that in a special way.That said, I find that many Father's Day gifts (and many gifts for men, in general) are not my husband's style. I like to get him … [Read more...]

DIY Father’s Day Gifts


Sure, you can buy a gift for the dad (s) in your life - but why buy when you can DIY?Just to disclose where I'm coming from - I love to DIY but I'm not all that handy, so I'm on the 'beginner' side when it comes to this. I tried to choose tutorials that weren't too intimidating on my level.So here's six DIY tutorials that would make great Father's Day gifts!Beer … [Read more...]