25 Books for Take Your Daughter to Work Day


Take Your Daughter to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity to inspire and encourage your daughter's dreams and aspirations. Regardless of what your job is, you can speak to your little girl about the job of her dreams and introduce her to women who work in that field. But if you don't happen to know someone personally, why not introduce her to someone through books?Here are … [Read more...]

Top Ten Twin Registry Must-Haves

Twin Registry

I've been a twin mom for 18 months now, and so that means I've been through many products. There are some items I definitely wish I had put on my twin registry and some I definitely should have left off. Well, there's no need for you to make the same mistakes I did! Here's a list from a mom who has been there. :)1. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. … [Read more...]

3 Moms Rocking the Babywearing World

babywearing moms 360x200

As I write I'm fully immersed in the awesomeness of motherhood. Sounds a little sappy, right? But it's true! I'm watching Call the Midwife (absolutely love and adore this show), prepping my living room for a babywearing gathering I'm hosting tomorrow, and perusing three of my favorite mamas small biz shops.Back in Call the Midwife days it looks like "babywearing" probably … [Read more...]

Don’t Give Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

don't give 360 w

Is it the incessant commercials that tie jewelry so tightly to Valentine's Day?I don't know about you, but fancy diamonds aren't the only thing on my Valentine's Day wish list. And truly, non-jewelry Valentine's Day gifts are more likely to be in our budget this year ... and many years to come. Something about parenting does that to the budget! Plus, my wedding band is … [Read more...]

Top Holiday Gifts for New Dads


About the Author: Tom is the other half of "Lauren and Tom Tate" who together manage the blog, Little Old Home. While Tom isn't managing projects at a software company, he loves playing guitar, reading, and spending time with Luca, their 18 month old son. Giving a gift to a new dad can be quite the challenge, especially considering they just received the greatest … [Read more...]