Truly Healthy Granola Bars

granola bars

Some granola bars are more akin to candy bars, right? And there is no way we want our kids munching on a dessert masked as a healthy snack. That just doesn't makes sense for their growing bodies.So, I've been on the hunt for truly healthy granola bars. Ones that make the kids smile while simultaneously removing the fear of a sugar high and subsequent meltdown. To give you … [Read more...]

Vegan Desserts

Vegan Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream

I am a vegan, and I'm not going to lie: finding sweets that we can eat can be really hard. When it's time for that dessert, it's gotta be vegan and it's got to be AMAZING. Today I've rounded up some delicious vegan desserts that are so good, you'll never guess they don't have dairy products in them! No matter what your sweet tooth is craving, I've got you covered … [Read more...]

Spring Sweets … Bird Nest Chocolate Treats

bird nest 360x200

Spring has officially arrived as of March 20th! Are you excited as we are about the changing season? Goodbye winter! Hello sunshine and brighter days!My daughter is thrilled. She's four and gets real amped up about the changing seasons. It's pretty darn cute as she marks off all the traditions of the each season as we cycle through the year. Hot on her list these days are … [Read more...]

Feeding A Picky Toddler

Picky Toddler

Please refer to your pediatrician or nutritionist before taking the advice expressed in this article.At my son L's 15 month well visit, I casually mentioned to the pediatrician that I've been having a bit of trouble getting a well-balanced meal into my picky toddler. He suggested that I make an appointment with the nutritionist they have on staff, as it's covered by our … [Read more...]

10 Gluten Free Desserts


I have celiacs disease meaning I can't have any gluten at all, and now that gluten allergies are very common we know that many of you are looking for some tasty options. Sometimes it is really hard to find foods I can eat, especially when it comes to treats, so while it can take time to hunt down gluten free recipes, there are actually so many on the internet! I've picked ten … [Read more...]