The Secret Money-Saving Rules of Shopping for Baby

secret shopping

Since 2015 is our 10 year anniversary for Baby Gizmo, we know a thing or two about buying stuff for baby. Having a baby and shopping for all the fun gear for them isn't cheap but if you follow a few rules, you can definitely save a bundle of money. Here is a summary of our best money-saving secrets when buying baby gear.1)  If your first instinct is that a product is ugly, … [Read more...]

Top Ten Essentials to Organize Your Kitchen

Top Ten Essentials to Organize Your Kitchen

Are you in the swing of spring cleaning? If you're like me, setting aside time to organize your kitchen is not at the top of your list of favorite things to do. But spring is a great time to reset, get everything in order, and finally conquer all that kitchen clutter.My first line of defense in tackling such a task is... shopping! Even if I don't love organizing, I do love … [Read more...]

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset Review


Little boys are hard-wired to attach themselves to all things cars, right? I mean, don't get me wrong- my niece loves to play with trains and cars too- but my son gravitates towards them. It's like he has a radar to draw him towards any toy with a wheel.My 18 month old son received the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset as a Christmas present. I knew … [Read more...]

Fisher Price Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo Review


The Fisher-Price Jumperoo has been super popular jumping seat with the baby crowd for years, but was typically a space hog for parents. Stocked with songs, lights and toys, the Jumperoo engages baby’s motor skills, visual and auditory senses, while letting them bounce until their baby heart’s content.The only problem with the traditional Jumperoo is comes as a big, … [Read more...]

Fisher Price Newborn Auto Rock N Play Sleeper Review (VIDEO)

Fisher Price Rock n Play

Today's video is a BIG deal. One of the most popular baby products of recent years is the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper. Parents everywhere rave about the inclined sleeper and play seat all-in-one.  It's easy to clean, suitable for overnight sleep and has a great inclined seat that is good for babies with reflux. Overall, parents just can't recommend it to their friends … [Read more...]