Our Five Favorite Baby Name Websites


If you're anything like me, it is a true struggle to find baby names that you and your significant other can agree on. It's no surprise, really- choosing a baby name that you both love is one of the biggest first decisions you will have to make for your child.It has to be the perfect name, right?! Not only does it need to suit your baby, but it also has to work well for a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Baby Gizmo Videos For New Parents

Baby Gizmo Videos

As a new parent, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by all there is to learn and all the information out there. When I was pregnant with my first born, I spent way too much time online stressing myself out instead of gathering encouraging and empowering information.Well, that's what we are here for. If you are a new parent in search of practical tips and encouraging … [Read more...]

Top Ten Essentials to Organize Your Kitchen

Top Ten Essentials to Organize Your Kitchen

Are you in the swing of spring cleaning? If you're like me, setting aside time to organize your kitchen is not at the top of your list of favorite things to do. But spring is a great time to reset, get everything in order, and finally conquer all that kitchen clutter.My first line of defense in tackling such a task is... shopping! Even if I don't love organizing, I do love … [Read more...]

How Am I the Mom?


Last week I was sitting in a 2nd grade school performance listening to 100 seven and eight year olds jamming to the oldies like “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Go's (yes, the 80s somehow became the “oldies” to our kids!) and thought to myself, “How the hell did I get here?!”Now, I wasn’t confused on how I physically got to that white folding chair in the cold gym of my kids’ … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Toddler Tips


Moms of toddlers, we know your life is a daily struggle. You need all the toddler tips you can get. These little ones want to be so independent, but there is still so much they can't do on their own. They are learning to communicate, so they get frustrated with their lack of language. They are so curious, getting into everything, and it's hard for you to keep up! As usual, … [Read more...]