PSA: Travel Abroad With A Copy of Your Child’s Birth Certificate


Given that I am from London and all my family live there, I try to visit once a year from where I now live with my family in California. I have always gone through passport control with no problem, but this time we ran into a small issue upon our arrival to London. It only delayed us by about ten minutes, maybe less, but it could have been made into a bigger issue and I thought … [Read more...]

Six Great Pregnancy Apps / Websites


I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and I've noticed many differences between my first pregnancy and this one. With my first, I never had enough information. I loved reading about the daily developments of my baby. I really thrived on knowledge. This time around, I am equally excited to be growing my baby. However, I have spent very little time reading about my … [Read more...]

Traveling With Kids: How To Download Free Audiobooks

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When we flew to Texas the other month I was a Nervous Nelly about occupying my kids on the airplane. Exactly what do you do for hours on end in a small place with wiggly kids? Well, we discovered audiobooks just in the nick of time and were pleased as punch to find that not only did they capture their attention, but  many resources are available to download free … [Read more...]

Love Animals? Have a Panda Day!

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Car rides can be such a challenge with kids. I don't know about you and your fancy minivan, but mine is loud. Like, super L-O-U-D. If the kids aren't fussing, they're singing at the top of their lungs or begging for snacks. To calm the storm we've started playing games in the car. Most recently, The Animal Game. It's goes like this ... I think of an animal and start sharing … [Read more...]

How to Make a Watermelon Flower Vase


This post is sponsored by Marzetti. Mother's Day is right around the corner so we are thinking outside the box for mom this year! Sure, you can get traditional flowers or candy but why not try something different? How about making her something fun?! Like a "Watermelon Flower Vase"! It's easy to do and a great project to do with the kids! As part of our partnership … [Read more...]

Running With Kids: Stocking Your Jogging Stroller With Essentials


Gorgeous spring weather has arrived in the Pacific Northwest - projected to hit and maintain 70 degrees all this coming week! For me, that means moving some of my gym runs to the outdoors and I can't wait. There is nothing like running in the fresh air! Spring is a mega busy season for my husband at work so when my runs take me outdoors that means the munchkins come along … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms on Take Your Daughter to Work Day


As a stay-at-home mom, it's easy to think that Take Your Daughter to Work Day on April 23rd might not "work." But there's no reason to skip this opportunity to educate your daughter about one of the toughest jobs in the world, and maybe even have some fun while you're at it. Here are 5 ideas for stay-at-home moms on Take Your Daughter to Work Day 1) … [Read more...]

The Whys of Parenting and Cheski Baby Socks

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*This is a sponsored post by The Cheski Sock Company. Thanks for supporting Baby Gizmo.  There are so many "whys" that you'll ask yourself when you become a parent. Some have pretty simple answers and some just don't. One question you may ask yourself every time you are backtracking your steps in the mall for the lost sock, or digging around in the crib for where it went is, … [Read more...]

25 Books for Take Your Daughter to Work Day


Take Your Daughter to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity to inspire and encourage your daughter's dreams and aspirations. Regardless of what your job is, you can speak to your little girl about the job of her dreams and introduce her to women who work in that field. But if you don't happen to know someone personally, why not introduce her to someone through books? Here are … [Read more...]

Infant Car Seats and Travel PSA

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Infant car seats are super convenient for taking baby on-the-go and easily getting them in and out of the car even if they are sleeping. Since I always recommend that parents travel with their child's car seat, because rental car agency car seats can be gross, broken or just hard to use, I see many parents with their baby's infant car seat in the airport. There is one thing … [Read more...]

Five Pregnancy Nausea Tips


We all know each woman, and therefore each pregnancy, is unique and different, but perhaps the most common "side effect" of pregnancy (especially in the early months) is nausea. I am most definitely feeling sicker this pregnancy compared to my last. I'm just starting my second trimester now, so I'm slowly feeling better, but it's certainly been a rough few months for … [Read more...]

8 (Stupid) Modern Parenting Trends

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Warning: This article is part of "The Edge" series and may not appeal to those without a sense of humor or those who are completely opposed to any and all swear words. :) I was born in the 70’s. There was a lot of smoking and no car seats during that decade. My Halloween masks were plastic (not BPA free!) and it was hard to breathe out of them. I made mud pies on … [Read more...]

Six Helpful Pregnancy Books


Whether you're pregnant for the first time or fifth, I find it good practice to read up on all of the changes that are occurring within your body. If you've done any searching, whether online or in a bricks and mortar, you've likely noticed that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and resources available. I've narrowed down the overwhelming number of options to … [Read more...]

10 Things You Thought You’d Never Do As A Parent


Let's face it: there's a 'Before Kids' mentality and an 'After Kids' mentality. Before kids, you have visions of a smiling, happy, easy child that you'll be able to calm when they cry using nothing but your soothing voice. After kids, you become more in tune with reality and you know that that smiling and happy child exists, you just wonder where they've gone when they're … [Read more...]