Feeding A Picky Toddler

Picky Toddler

Please refer to your pediatrician or nutritionist before taking the advice expressed in this article.At my son L's 15 month well visit, I casually mentioned to the pediatrician that I've been having a bit of trouble getting a well-balanced meal into my picky toddler. He suggested that I make an appointment with the nutritionist they have on staff, as it's covered by our … [Read more...]

Dear TV, iPhone and iPad- I’m Sorry I Judged You


Dear Tv, iPhone and iPad,I'm sorry I wronged you.I'm sorry in the past I saw kids glued to your screen and scoffed "I will never be that mother!"I'm sorry I questioned how hard it was for parents to keep their kids entertained that they had to resort to using in while in restaurants, checkout lines or at the post office. My arrogant mind kept thinking- "How hard can … [Read more...]

Saving for College


So while cruising Pinterest, I came across this awesome idea. The parent had written a letter every year to their child on their birthday and stuck a twenty dollar bill in it. It is a gift for a high school graduate, which I thought was a cute easy way to give them a chunk of cash. But for me, I kept thinking I want to be able to give my kids MORE. I want to be able to not just … [Read more...]

New Study Finds Women Gain More Weight Than Recommended During Pregnancy

Weight During Pregnancy

It’s the one thing that inevitably happens to all women during pregnancy, we gain weight. But a new study has found that almost half of all pregnant women gain more weight than is recommended by their physician.Study co-author Andrea Sharma, an epidemiologist with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Maternal and Infant Health Branch said, “This is … [Read more...]

5 Things (This Mom) Never Needed (And 5 things I couldn’t live without)


I remember stepping into Babies R Us during my first pregnancy and feeling giddy with the anticipation of laser gun mania. We picked a mountain of sh*t (we thought) we needed for our first child. We went totally overboard (okay, so it was mostly me who went overboard). I would encourage anyone who is a first-time mother to take along someone who has at least two kids so she can … [Read more...]