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At Home with Baby Gizmo Episode 8 – Master Closet

After a holiday hiatus, welcome back to “At Home with Baby Gizmo- Episode 8.” Today we are taking you inside our secondary master closet, otherwise known as my husband’s closet. Yes, we have “his” and “hers” closets. Guess which one is bigger? I can tell you that it definitely it not the “his” closet. To […]


My “Mom’s Day Off”

This is like the unicorn in a parent’s world: a day off. Not just a day off work, or a date night. A legitimate day off. I decided to see if it was truly possible, and with the help of Grandma and my girlfriends, took a day dedicated to just me. And this my friends, […]

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Valentine’s Day Board Books For Your Baby

We have a pretty heavy rotation of favorite books around our house, but what I love most about the changing seasons is the opportunity to introduce NEW books! With Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s the perfect opportunity to amp up our reading on the topic of L-O-V-E. So, whether you’re heading to the library or […]

Wednesday Box

What’s in the Box Wednesday – VTech Toy Unboxing

It’s Hump Day! Woop! Woop! Not only can we quote the Geico commercial about Hump Day but we can also play “What’s in the Box Wednesday?!” The Baby Gizmo Littles are at it again with a toy unboxing that takes a popular line of Vtech toys to the next level. Take a peek at our […]

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10 Cent, Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards

My 4 year old and I homeschool for preschool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t incorporate the tradition of Valentine’s Day cards. Nope! We embrace them – big time – and like coming up with simple (but fun and cheap) ways to share our love with her little friends and our family. When all was said […]


Great Meals You Can Freeze

Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert items, I freeze anything. That’s because double and tripling recipes really doesn’t take any extra time, but it means saving big time later on! This is great for pregnant moms, or for a meal drop off for new moms- drop off something that has leftovers they can freeze, […]

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Valentine’s Day Desserts

It’s that time of year again, friends! No, I’m not talking about tax season- I’m talking Valentine’s Day! As I mentioned before, I tend to think of this ‘holiday’ as unnecessary and extravagant. That said, I love food and I especially love dessert. And because my husband also loves dessert, I find it extra romantic to […]

stroller series

How to Buy a Stroller (VIDEO)

These days, one of the biggest decisions a mom has to make when she is having a baby isn’t necessarily cloth or disposable, what color the nursery will be, or breast or formula, but what she is going to push that adorable bundle of joy in for the next 3+ years. Soon after you see […]

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Date Night Dinners At Home

This may be controversial, I don’t know, but I find Valentine’s Day just a touch overrated.  My husband and I have been together for almost ten years, and some years we celebrated in typical (read: overpriced) restaurant dinners. We’ve spent the past four or five years at home and we find that we much prefer […]

valentine's day is for everyone

Valentine’s Day is For Everyone

As soon as the Christmas decor leaves the stores – POP! – it’s all Valentine’s Day. For all of January and into February every time we walk into Target it’s hearts and love, cupids and romance, red and pink and lace. Gushy valentines, sweet valentines and all sorts of romantic gifts for the one you […]