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Elements of a Perfectly Inspired Princess Room

I think most little girls dream of being or becoming princesses, not necessarily because that’s their passion in life, but because marketers have figured out that the whole princess gig is expensive for parents. And it works well on their daughters. I know. It’s crazy how that works, right? I have been fighting off the […]


Nurse-In At The Capitol Building on August 4th

We’ve seen nurse-ins happen around the country, aimed at stores and restaurants that give nursing mothers a difficult time, but now the first annual Great Nurse-In is coming to the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C. This is a peaceful nurse-in described as a grassroots movement committed to normalizing nursing for today’s society and future […]


What I Can’t Live Without

What I Can’t Live Without by our guest blogger Katie Sluiter from Sluiter Nation I am not sure what is in the water lately, but there has been a baby explosion in my life both in my “real” life and with my online friends. New moms are popping up everywhere! I have two little guys […]

Grilled Peach and Corn Salad

Grilled Peach and Corn Salad

Have you ever had a really awesome peach?  I mean really awesome.  You would know if you have.  I’ve got a guy, my really awesome peach dealer.  Every week during the season, I go to the farmers market to pick up delicious white peaches that come from a small farm in Pennsylvania .  While you could just […]


6 Sundae Recipes Everyone Can Love

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have a sweet snaggletooth. I wish I were the kind of girl who craves carrots and miso soup, but I don’t. I like baked goods and ice cream and chocolate, lots of chocolate. But these things don’t like me, or they don’t like my butt, so I can […]


Cool Traveling Gear for Cool Kids (and Babies)

A lot of my posts recently have been reflective on my childhood, or summers in my childhood. I’m not sure why this is going on, but when I began thinking about how to title this post on cool gear to bring along for your kids on road trips, I, again, thought back to the road […]

Homemade Oreos

Homemade Oreo Cookies

We had a big BBQ with our new neighbors this past weekend and I was in charge of dessert. It was like they already knew me assigning me to dessert but just moved in recently. Hmmm. I whipped up a batch of the Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cookie Frosting but I wanted to make […]


Five Ways To Avoid Saying “No” To Your Toddler

  There are days when parents feel that all they’ve said is “No. No. No. No. NO!” These are generally not good days, and leave both you and your child feeling very stressed out. Of course, there is no guilt to be felt in respectfully saying no, as children need boundaries and direction. But sometimes […]

Contours Recall

Kolcraft Recalls Contours Tandem Strollers Due to Fall and Choking Hazards

Not a good day for strollers today! After the 223,000 Peg Perego strollers that were recalled, we now have Kolcraft Contours Tandem Strollers on the recall list as well. This one isn’t nearly as massive and there have been no injuries or fatalities. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Kolcraft Enterprises, today […]