Great Meals You Can Freeze

Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert items, I freeze anything. That's because double and tripling recipes really doesn't take any extra time, but it means saving big time later on! This is great for pregnant moms, or for a meal drop off for new moms- drop off something that has leftovers they can … Continue Reading

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JuJuBe Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review

Are you that mom that likes to pack for every possible circumstance? Maybe you travel often, and need a weekend/carry on diaper bag? Or maybe you have several children or twins, and need a bag that can handle the kitchen sink. If any of these applies to you look no further than the JuJuBe Be […]


Afternoon Pick Me Up: Espresso Granita Con Panna

I’m not a huge coffee drinker but every now and again I need a little caffeine jolt. I think every parent can relate to needing a pick me up, especially on those mornings when you’ve been up all night with a kiddo who just wants to partaay! Anyway, I find myself wanting coffee more in the […]


Baby Gizmo Video Spotlight Review: Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor

I am a big video monitor person! Yep, no matter how big or small your home is, I firmly believe that a good video monitor could be a worthwhile investment that could give you that peace of mind that a new parent needs. Enter the Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor. This is one of […]


Ice Cream Brownie Starwiches

Can you believe it?!? 4th of July is right around the corner. Summer just started and I feel like it is already almost half over. In a few short weeks, kids will be holding their sparklers, the fireworks will be filling the sky and Ice Cream Brownie Starwiches will be in our hands. Ice cream […]

phil&teds dot

The phil&teds Dot and Navigator are coming!

Attention! It’s a new stroller alert! Actually is a TWO new stroller alert but we told you about one of them waaaayyy back last October. phil&teds has been busy in 2012 and they are launching TWO more strollers. I’m not sure who is the workhorse over there – Phil or Ted – but someone is […]

Baby Gizmo Giveaway

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller

Congratulations to the winner – Cindy B. from Panama City, FL It’s a luxury stroller giveaway alert! Yep, who doesn’t want to stroll with a fancy-schmancy stroller?!? This week we are giving one lucky mama (or dada!) the guzzie + guss G+G 042 stroller in black for their little bundle of joy. This isn’t just […]


A BRAVE Princess Who Confronts Her Choices & Fate Head-on

My husband reluctantly went with me to a screening of Brave, the latest Disney/Pixar film.  Ironically, he was the one who actually enjoyed it much more than I did. In Brave, a skilled Scottish princess and archer named Merida from long ago defies an age-old custom amongst the Clans, causing chaos in her kingdom. After […]


What to Do When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

I remember the day like it was yesterday. All of my postpartum “help” had returned to work and I was left at home with my new baby. Our first day together went mostly smooth, but at one point, she started crying, seemingly, uncontrollably. Her diaper was changed. I assumed I had just fed her. And […]


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads and grandpas  out there! We are starting out with the most beautiful day in Chicago to celebrate dad! This morning the kids and I got up early to cook dad a special breakfast. Super yummy but healthy it was not. It’s okay because today is a holiday for […]

stick velcro busy bag

Busy Bags: Keeping Little Hands Busy

I have recently discovered “Busy Bags”. They are parent filled bags that contain a learning activity to keep a young child entertained while parents do whatever they need to do. They are great for getting chores done or traveling. The materials are inexpensive, and can be played with again and again. You can use a […]