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Today I’m keeping it real

Today I’m keeping it real. Many are wondering why we added food and travel to Baby Gizmo this year after seven years of a strict baby product only theme. Sure, we added those things because we know people are not stroller shopping everyday. Parents also eat and travel (at least occasionally!) and we knew we […]


Three New Britax Products for the Car

Britax is having a big year with all their new products. The B-Agile Double, new B-Ready 2012, a stand-on board, a bike seat…etc. That isn’t all though. Today we have decided to highlight three smaller products designed for the car that maybe overlooked with all the big, new Britax stroller offerings. Take a peek at […]


Skip Hop Zoo Luggage Rolling to a Vacation with You (VIDEO)

I have found that my toddlers and kids have always wanted to help carry their own stuff while traveling. That’s great and all unless the bags just aren’t their size and they are struggling to carry or roll an over-sized suitcase through the airport slowing us all down. Thankfully, Skip Hop has my kids in […]


Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: BOB Ironman

If you are a parent who thinks you might take up jogging to lose a little baby weight but aren’t quite committed, move on. BOB Ironman is not for you. If you are a serious jogger/runner that KNOWS you are a runner, meet BOB Ironman! He is awesome but he is no joke. He is […]


10 Delicious Nutella Recipes

Nutella is the delicious hazelnut spread that contains skim milk and a hint of cocoa, and is loved by people across the world. Recently I learned something shocking- Hollie had never tried nutella. Yes, NEVER. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Please buy a tub- I promise, you will not regret it. I […]


Don’t Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Last week, I shared some great gifts that I thought were worthy of your mom this Mother’s Day. Today, I’m doing the opposite and sharing some gifts that I hope you steer clear of to save you and your mom from having to make a trip down bad gift-ville, the place that’s dark and smelly […]

yogurt maker

Homemade Plain Yogurt: Easier Than You Think!

My obsession with homemade yogurt started after I read the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. The book itself was a fun read and it really reinforced what I already knew about European eating habits from my own time spent in France. The French aren’t a low-fat or fat-free culture. They eat everything (in moderation) […]


Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

Peg Perego recently launched their newest high chair – the Siesta. This versatile baby chair is very similar to their popular Tatamia but is $50 cheaper because it does not have the manual swing feature. The Siesta is still packed with features that makes this chair great from birth up to about 3 years old. […]


Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cup Review

What parent doesn’t go mad with a leaky sippy cup?!? Aren’t sippy cups designed not to leak even when dropped, shaken or thrown? Yet, time and time again, I find that forgotten sippy cup on the backseat floor of the car with a pool of spoiled milk around it. Yuck! The point of a sippy […]

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Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller

Congratulations to our winner – Entry #2733 – Mindy K. There is a new baby gear company in town by the name of Baby Cargo. This new line of safe and modern baby products takes its inspiration from iconic architecture, fashion and interior design to let your baby stroll, rest, eat and play in style. […]