Charting Basal Body Temperatures

I write this post in the sense of having a conversation with a girlfriend- a girlfriend who is starting to think about trying for a baby. I want to make that clear.Charting your body temperature is, quite possibly, the most noninvasive, low commitment way to determine your body's cycle to increase your … Continue Reading

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Baby Registry

Baby Gizmo presents Baby Gear Essentials with Club MomMe in Los Angeles

Most of you know that Baby Gizmo is based out of Chicago but I’m so excited to announce that I will be coming to Los Angeles in July for an All About Baby Registry and Baby Gear Event. I thought it was time to visit a few of my Baby Gizmo peeps in other parts of the country and […]


Sneaking veggies to your kids. Yay or nay?

Know what drives me completely crazy? When people say things like “Well, that’s what my mom/grandma/auntie betty did and we turned out okay”. That’s great that your mom let you run around a rusty junkyard wearing paper bags as shoes but I choose not to do the same. Thanks. Nice feet by the way. Anyway. […]

Kale Chips

Kale chips: You can’t eat just one

Potato chips are delicious. I’m pretty sure that’s one food topic most people would agree on. Potato chips are delicious. But they are terrible for you! Even baked chips aren’t guilt-free. So what’s a person to do if they can’t get that crunchy, salty fix from potato chips? Kale chips. I’m not going to try […]


5 DIY Popsicle recipes to beat the heat

I’m in Indiana for the summer and it is HOT. So hot. It’s taken me a month but I’m slowly getting used to it. Eighty-degrees used to feel downright intolerable to me but now? I’ll take it! We’ve had some ninety degree stretches and while it is very welcome (sure beats winter) I’m always looking […]

lil miss america

Flaunt Your Patriotic Side with These Fourth of July Fashions

It’s a no-brainer to wear “red, white and blue” on July 4th but here’s how your family can stand out from the rest of the pack: Miss America Girls 4th of July T shirt Newborn Up to Youth Shirts Support an American small business by buying this adorable shirt from an etsy vendor.   All […]

5 Teething Essentials

With all the drooling and gnawing and diaper rash and sleeplessness nights and loss of appetite, teething is not really the best time to be a baby or parent of a teething baby. I have an eight month old and a two year old, so I’ve been through two rounds of teething and have learned […]


JuJuBe Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review

Are you that mom that likes to pack for every possible circumstance? Maybe you travel often, and need a weekend/carry on diaper bag? Or maybe you have several children or twins, and need a bag that can handle the kitchen sink. If any of these applies to you look no further than the JuJuBe Be […]


Afternoon Pick Me Up: Espresso Granita Con Panna

I’m not a huge coffee drinker but every now and again I need a little caffeine jolt. I think every parent can relate to needing a pick me up, especially on those mornings when you’ve been up all night with a kiddo who just wants to partaay! Anyway, I find myself wanting coffee more in the […]


Baby Gizmo Video Spotlight Review: Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor

I am a big video monitor person! Yep, no matter how big or small your home is, I firmly believe that a good video monitor could be a worthwhile investment that could give you that peace of mind that a new parent needs. Enter the Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor. This is one of […]


Ice Cream Brownie Starwiches

Can you believe it?!? 4th of July is right around the corner. Summer just started and I feel like it is already almost half over. In a few short weeks, kids will be holding their sparklers, the fireworks will be filling the sky and Ice Cream Brownie Starwiches will be in our hands. Ice cream […]