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Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller

Congratulations to our winner – Entry #2733 – Mindy K. There is a new baby gear company in town by the name of Baby Cargo. This new line of safe and modern baby products takes its inspiration from iconic architecture, fashion and interior design to let your baby stroll, rest, eat and play in style. […]


How My Pregnancy Expectations Were a Bit Off

I have been a complete workout freak…ummm, fanatic… since my days as a teen gymnast. I was the kid who woke up at 6am to run before school. Whether it was smart or not, I went through phases where I ate very little in high school (think a diet of jello and apples) all in […]


JuJuBe Luxury Diaper Bags

Ju-Ju-Be is a fun loving company that specializes in the most amazing diaper bags. Since their debut in 2005 they’ve developed an almost cult like following by moms who have fallen in love with the quality and functionality of their bags.  Their customers are so devoted that JuJuBe holds a “Pink Ladies” weekend retreat in […]


Outsmarting Food Quirks: Black Bean and Banana Quesadillas

Every kid has their food quirks – I’ve been a mom for a short 10 months and I already know this to be true.  And just to complicate things, the quirks change without notice.  Sweet D ate all of her veggies without resistance until suddenly thanks but no thanks.  Typical. To navigate these quirks, every […]


Give Mom a Vacation for Mother’s Day

Do you have a mom who is in desperate need of a getaway? Maybe you’re that mom and you need someone to hint to your loved ones about a fabulous Mother’s Day gift you’d love to receive? Since we have been rounding up some great travel destinations for families this past year, we didn’t want […]

A fleece diaper cover by Mama Bird

Fleece Diaper Covers for Your Little One

When it comes to cloth diapering, there are so many options of diapers and diaper covers that what works best can be confusing. Much like most parenting decisions, what works best differs from parent to parent and baby to baby. But if you’re looking for a light, breathable and easy to maintain cover for a […]


Lactation Consultants are “Boneheads” According to Whoopi Goldberg on The View

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he has put together a breastfeeding initiative program to help mothers with breastfeeding in hospitals. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene page describes this as the following Breastfeeding Initiative: Activities include encouraging breastfeeding by educating mothers, providers an d the public; seeking support […]


All natural ways to keep your home smelling fresh

I am a recovering candle addict. Before I had kids I spent a shameful amount of money on candles. Fresh linen, summer breeze, honeysuckle rain, it did not matter. I loved infusing my home with the latest fresh scent. Once our little ones arrived I quit cold turkey. I didn’t want to risk irritating their […]


Baby Food Recipe: Spiced Carrots

I began making my own baby food when my first daughter was around 6 months. I did it because, well, quite honestly, it sounded like the right thing to do. Curious parent friend: Oh, what baby foods are you giving her? Gerber? Me: Oh, no, no, no. Just some sweet potatoes I planted, watered, and […]


May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

In 2008, author & holistic lifestyle expert Anna Getty and producer & mompreneur Alisa Donner began Pregnancy Awareness Month every May. They describe this as An organization dedicated to inspiring women during pregnancy with educational initiatives spotlighting nutrition, wellness, and all around nurturing. On the social front, P.A.M. encourages women to engage with fellow pregnantistas […]