New Year’s Eve Party Dresses

Yes, Christmas hasn't even happened yet, but the break between Christmas and New Years is only a few days so we need to start thinking about what we're going to wear when we say goodbye 2014 and HELLO 2-0-1-5! So today we're sharing some gorgeous New Year's Eve party dresses for all you party hopping … Continue Reading

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Five Minute Mom Makeover

I know there are a lot of moms out there who do their hair, makeup, and dress up everyday. I used to be one of them. Things have changed. I no longer work outside the home and have to admit I am guilty of getting stuck in a rut when it comes to my appearance. […]


My job vs. My husband’s job

Disclaimer: I am in no way being ungrateful for being a stay-at-home mom, nor am I saying working moms have an easier time than stay-at-home moms, nor am I saying my husband’s job is easier than mine. This post was simply to see a little humor in a temper-tantruming-toddler situation While visiting my parents in […]


My Toddler’s Got Soul

Don’t tell my husband, but to make end’s meet, my daughter’s been playing the blues in smoky, crowded bars on the East Coast since 12 months old… What?? I’m kidding. Really. My kid doesn’t play in smoky bars. (She does have standards, after all.) Nor is she helping to support our family financially. But she […]


Johnson & Johnson’s Recalls 574,000 Bottles of Infant Tylenol

Head to your medicine cabinets, my friends! It’s another Tylenol recall!  This is another product I currently have and actually really like because of the new dispensing top.  Well, that new dispensing top is the reason 7 lots of Infants Tylenol Oral Suspension 1 oz, Grape is recalled. That’s 574,000 bottles of baby medicine to […]


An Espresso for Me, and a Babyccino for the Toddler

  No seriously, the title is true. According to The Brooklyn Paper, a new trend is sweeping Brooklyn and it comes in the name of a “Babyccino.” At around $2, they state that some people describe the drink as “a macchiato-like beverage featuring a shot of decaf espresso topped with steamed milk and froth, while […]


Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair, I Heart You

The first high chair that I bought for my daughter was a Blames high chair. In case you didn’t read the story of our love, that relationship ended on bad terms. I, being the mender in our relationship tried to make things work. But after countless headbutts and plate throws and mealtime wars, I knew […]


Indoor Sanity Savers for Snowy, Rainy, and Frigid Days

I live in a six hundred square foot apartment in graduate student housing with my husband and two kids. Last summer we spent hours outside playing and exploring. It was wonderful. I’d do anything to avoid having to entertain two small kids indoors all day. Then the inevitable happened: winter arrived. So far we are surviving. […]


My Daughter’s New BFF is Purple and Talks A Lot!

At 10 months old, my daughter let me know that she was “bored” with our “committed” relationship. “I want to “see” other people,” she said in toddler gibberish. “I want to play the field.” I, I, I was heartbroken at “hearing” this. No, I was devastated. But I went along with it to make her […]


The art of swaddling with Aura Weavers

Every parent believes their baby is perfect. They are so tiny, so precious and so dependent on you for love and warmth. You also know that your baby is unique — one of a kind, which is why you wouldn’t and shouldn’t swaddle them in anything other than a one-of-a-kind muslin blanket. Here’s the thing…you […]


Pinterest and the Sugar Cookie Bars

Let’s just say I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Whoever said it was food p*rn was absolutely 100% right!  I can’t help myself. Even though I’m trying to eat healthy and am currently doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, I find myself constantly purusing the food category on Pinterest. I’m not just browsing all those healthy family […]