What It Is Like To Be A NICU Parent

This is a guest post by Julian Reyes.Our journey begins a few years ago, as my wife and I agreed in the summer of 2011 to try to have children.  We also got married that summer.  However, it wasn't easy for us and we tried IVF.  On our first try, we were successful.  We decided to go with 2 embryos, and … Continue Reading

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cosco scenera next

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat Review (VIDEO)

Looking for a budget-friendly car seat for your child? Cosco has recently launched the Scenera NEXT convertible car seat that will keep your child safe in the car while preventing you from having to second mortgage your house to buy it. The Cosco Scenera NEXT features side impact protection, a high rear-facing weight limit, easy-to-remove […]

Disney Feast

Disney Animated Short Feast – Bonus Content of Big Hero 6

One of the coolest parts of my job are the perks such as interviewing the masterminds behind amazing films such as Big Hero 6. A few weeks ago I went to Los Angeles to sit down with some of the inspiring people behind McFarland USA, Big Hero 6 and Tinkerbell and the Legend of the […]

stitch fix 360x200

Have You Discovered Stitch Fix?

Ten years ago, pre-children, in my spare time I would grab a coffee and roam the mall. I worked in an office and went on lots of date nights with my husband so I was always up for finding a new blouse, pair of heels or cute dress that could sway from days to nights. […]


10 Delicious Dinner Recipes for Lent

It’s that time of year! Lent is upon us and for many that means going meatless or at least without red meat. That often means we are looking for dinner recipes for Lent that aren’t in our regular rotation. Here are some family-friendly options for delicious Lenten dinners that will be sure to please. Black […]

Power wheels 2015

New Fisher Price Power Wheels for 2015

One of the most loved (and most played with!) toys at my house are Power Wheels. We bought our first Power Wheels when my daughter turned three over 7 years ago and that vehicle is still going strong. Sure, we replaced wheels and the battery during that time but they kids still drive that red Mustang […]

elmo 2015

Play All Day Elmo Toy (VIDEO)

We all know that Elmo is one popular guy in the toddler circles. The fuzzy red fur. His outgoing personality. THAT laugh. It has worked his way into homes and heart everywhere. Each year, a new Elmo toy hits the market that becomes the must-have gift of the holiday season. This year, they have announced […]

McFarland USA

Exclusive Interview with Real Life Inspiration for Disney’s McFarland USA

I had a chance to watch an early screening of Disney’s new movie, McFarland, USA, which is hitting theaters this Friday (February 20). McFarland, USA is a feel-good, family movie that is a must-see this month. After a series of bad choices in his career, Jim White (played by Kevin Costner) finds himself in a […]


The Ultimate Oscar Party Planning List

So you wanna throw an Oscar Party? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s decor, appetizers, desserts, games, or printables you are looking for, we’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Oscar Party Planning List.   Decor Black, gold and white is always a classy combo for your Oscar Soiree. Try spray painting glass […]

counting bears 360x200

Review: Counting Bears

I confess, toy shopping really stresses me out. There is just a lot of pressure to spend wisely, find something sturdy and long-lasting, something with learning potential. In the toy buying game, I win some and I lose some. Maybe someday I’ll gather all my “losers” for a funny post. But, today I want to highlight […]

How to buy a stroller 3

How to Buy a Stroller – Part 3 – Full Size Strollers

Welcome back to our Baby Gizmo series – “How to Buy a Stroller”. In today’s part 3 episode, we are diving into the biggest category of strollers: the full-size stroller. These are usually stocked with features and are one of the first buggies that parents think of when they start picking out gear for baby. […]