strawberry cheesecake

8 Delicious Strawberry Recipes

It's strawberry season and so today I've rounded up 8 delicious strawberry recipes for you! Did you know that strawberries are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants? If you want to know more, check out this link. If that's not enough to convince you, then just think of their sweet and juicy flavor, and … Continue Reading

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heat while pregnant

8 Tips For Surviving the Heat While Pregnant

I’ve only been pregnant once in the summer, and I’m currently due with my second in October, meaning I’ll be pregnant all summer again. During these months, it’s important to take care of yourself and your growing baby.  How hot of a summer you’ll be experiencing depends on your location, and as I live in the […]


Hospital Bag Must Haves

I distinctly remember throwing together a hospital bag (if you could even call it that) when my contractions were four minutes apart and I was heading out the door to give birth to my son four years ago. I was a first time hospital bag packer and while I knew to bring the basic necessities, […]


10 Tips To Keep Your Family Safe In Emergency

As a mom, feeling concern about the safety of your children is second nature. Disasters and other emergencies can occur any time of the year and often happen without any warning. Preparing your family for an emergency means getting everybody involved. Having a solid plan helps to ensure your entire family is ready for a […]

sister wife

12 Reasons Moms Should Marry Their Best Girlfriend

  I like men. Especially their lovely chests and shoulders, which aid in their super human abilities such as opening the pickle jar and moving the couch in a single bound. Husbands can be wonderful additions to our lives and great role models for our kids. They have many lovely qualities, but sometimes (if we’re […]


Letting Go Of Bedtime Drama

Bedtime hasn’t aways been easy at my house. Truly, I wouldn’t even consider it “easy” now. We have our nights with many wake ups, stalling and crying over brushing teeth (I mean, how dare I try to do that dreaded task twice a day!) – I think it comes with the cards. The cards of […]


PSA: Travel Abroad With A Copy of Your Child’s Birth Certificate

Given that I am from London and all my family live there, I try to visit once a year from where I now live with my family in California. I have always gone through passport control with no problem, but this time we ran into a small issue upon our arrival to London. It only delayed […]

pretty spring nails 360x200

Pretty Spring Nails

Is it just me or is taking a break to paint your nails one of the ultimate luxuries as a mother? With the turn of the seasons I’m moving my dark greys and plum purples to the back of my cosmetic drawer and bringing forth all the pretty colors of spring! Today I’m sharing four […]


5 Fun Things for Kids at Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort & Spa

This week I was invited to visit and explore the Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort & Spa as part of a “Mommy and Me” trip with my 10 year old daughter. We had a fabulous time finding all the kid-friendly things to do on this beachfront property in Fort Walton, Florida (just east of Destin). Earlier […]

Teacher 7

10 Homemade Ideas For National Teacher’s Week

Did you know it’s National Teacher Appreciation week? There’s still time to whip up a quick gift to show your favourite teachers how much you adore them! Here are 10 homemade ideas for you and your children to give their favorite teachers! Bundt Cakes From Eighteen 25. If you’re a baker, whip up these bundt cakes […]


10 Places To Go On Mother’s Day

With two young children, sleeping in really isn’t on my radar for Mother’s Day. I’ve resigned to that fact and am actually fine with it. Who needs sleep when I’m running on the love fuel of motherhood? Laugh with me, please because let’s face it, love can only carry us so far! Up with the sunrise means […]