7 Spring Fashion Accessories We Love


From black and white patterned heels to pastel colored watches and handbags, this season is packed with bold and exciting accessory trends for every woman to enjoy. With you and this season's trends in mind, we've compiled our 7 picks of amazing fashion accessories that you'll be sure to love! 1. Black and White Combination Heel by Zara With a heel that's not too … [Read more...]

7 Sexy Spring Maternity Swimwear Ideas

Maternity Swimsuits

Looking to hit the beach this Spring, but you're out of ideas on how to make your bump look just as sexy as you feel? Then, look no further. We've got you covered with 7 sexy spring maternity swimwear ideas that will keep you looking as great as you'll feel. 1. ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swimsuit with Bow In case you haven't heard, one-pieces are big this season and not … [Read more...]

Girls Are More Than Princesses and Fairies


I should begin this post by saying that I have no beef with princesses and fairies. Some of my best childhood friends were princesses and fairies. I guess this post is more so inspired by my oldest toddler's admission that she would like to grow up to be a princess, and then retire into a fairy. I know this is all "innocent," but it concerns me that most toys and television … [Read more...]

Creating Fourth of July Traditions in Your Family


Growing up, my family would go to see fireworks on the Fourth of July. No matter what the weather looked like or the amount of traffic that would meet us as we drove our huge minivan into the “big city,” we saw fireworks every year until I was about 18. Towards the end, it came to be something that we kind of dreaded, but in the beginning, as a child, seeing fireworks was … [Read more...]

Five Things Pregnant Moms Should Know About Buckling Up

Pregnant woman's guide to buckling up

Did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death in pregnant women in the U.S.? No? Well, it’s true. More women in the U.S. die in auto accidents than from birthing complications. That’s a startling statistic, but it underscores the importance of pregnant moms taking the necessary precautions to stay safe in cars. So how should pregnant moms stay safe? Well, to … [Read more...]

7 Unconventional Lessons I’ve Learned from my Toddler


Before becoming a parent, you assume that knowledge will be passed on a one-way street between you and your child. You read all the books, and listen to all the parents who’ve been there, and somehow, somehow, you convince yourself that you are the one responsible for teaching your child everything and, thus, must know everything. But, when I actually became a parent, I … [Read more...]

Ultimate Pretzel Crusted Sugar Cookie Heath Brownie Bars


This weekend when family was over, I didn't just make one dessert but two! The first dessert was the wildly popular Ultimate Pretzel Crusted Peanut Butter Cookie Candy Brownie Bars that exploded on Pinterest!  It had every right to light up on Pinterest because that recipe is freakin' awesome!! That being said, I made another dessert that day that I have to share. One of my … [Read more...]