July 4th Protective Ear Bands for Babies and Toddlers


I'm so excited for the 4th of July this year! My oldest is almost four and my twins are almost two. We're entering the ages where they can really enjoy the food and festivities surrounding the celebration of our nation's independence. I can't wait to experience their joy as we barbeque with family and friends, play games on the lawn, and watch them run around in a pack with … [Read more...]

Presents For New Babies


Who doesn't love to shop for a newborn?! There's nothing more special than a new birth, and bringing the baby and its parents a thoughtful, cute, and useful gift! Sometimes, it can be difficult though, especially if you've never had a baby yourself or if it's been a long time. But fear not, I've rounded up some perfect presents for new babies. These are sure to be a hit with … [Read more...]

My baby has walked into toddlerhood

My little walker almost a month ago.

The best part of having more children is that it gives you perspective on all the things you did, and obsessed about, with your first child. With my first, I was obsessed, among a lot of other things, with getting her to walk. I wanted her to walk because everyone around me seemed so interested in whether she was taking her first steps. If walking was a milestone that … [Read more...]

5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Toddlers


We don't celebrate Halloween in my house. But, last year, we kind of did start something that we promised our oldest daughter that we'd do again this year. We called it a "fall party." It was a party that was held in honor of the beauty of fall. I know, it sounds kind of lame, but it was really a lot of fun. We celebrated our special day by buying clearance Halloween candy … [Read more...]

My baby really likes solids


I was “late” in starting my first daughter on solids. I started with regular offerings of purees at 8 months, reluctantly, because I wanted to make sure that she would breastfeed for as long as I had in mind for her to breastfeed, or at least until the age of two when all the experts in the books I was reading at the time recommended. But then I became pregnant with my … [Read more...]

Cool Traveling Gear for Cool Kids (and Babies)


A lot of my posts recently have been reflective on my childhood, or summers in my childhood. I'm not sure why this is going on, but when I began thinking about how to title this post on cool gear to bring along for your kids on road trips, I, again, thought back to the road trips my family and I used to take every single summer. We had a minivan that was ahead of its time then. … [Read more...]

5 Teething Essentials

With all the drooling and gnawing and diaper rash and sleeplessness nights and loss of appetite, teething is not really the best time to be a baby or parent of a teething baby. I have an eight month old and a two year old, so I’ve been through two rounds of teething and have learned that this phase is just that…a phase. It comes and goes. Your kid gets teeth, loses teeth, … [Read more...]

Tips for Reducing the Risk of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is something that gave me nightmares as a new parent. Like most in my “class,” I didn’t know much about the syndrome, well, aside from some things I heard through 20/20 or Dateline specials. What I did know was that it was sudden, involved infants, and caused death. Yeah. But when I had my first daughter, I began to learn more about SIDS. … [Read more...]

Swimming Necessities for Toddlers and Babies

Swim shoes are a great for walking toddlers.

Going to the pool or beach with small children can be a lot of fun. Really. The secret to making it fun is having the right gear, the right necessities to make the experience enjoyable for all parties involved. Here are a few items that you should pack when going for swim with a toddler or baby. Swimpants. For cloth diapering parents to parents whose children rock … [Read more...]

For My Baby With Supersonic Hearing, I love My Homedics Soundspa Lullaby


As a baby, my first daughter had a “supernatural” power. She had the power of supersonic hearing. I know. Laugh now if you want. But, seriously, I’m not even kidding. From experience, I know that she can hear a bag of chips opening, a quiet yawn, floor board creaks (40 square feet away!), and my breathing from anywhere in our almost 3,000 foot townhome. Because my … [Read more...]

7 Great Books for Preparing a Toddler for a New Sibling


My first daughter was 13 months old when my husband and I learned that we were expecting,. Along with feelings of joy and happiness, we were nervous wrecks. Among our nightly questions to the ceiling in our bedroom were: “How are we going to make this work?” “What if she (our first daughter) resents us?” Given our first daughter's age, we knew that explaining that a baby was … [Read more...]

What’s in a name?


After you find out what you're having the next question on people's minds is, "do you have a name yet?" I'm a huge fan of the Jewish tradition of keeping the name on the down-low until the traditional baby naming ceremony. However we're not Jewish so there won't be any grand revealing but on the other hand there is something to be said for keeping it to yourself until after the … [Read more...]

Summer Safety Reminder! Buckets can be deadly!!

deadly buckets

Our children's safety is of utmost importance. We all know to babyproof our houses with outlet covers, gates for our stairs, etc. but some things don't really hit home until you actually see it. Well, yesterday, I had one of those days that a safety reminder hit me in the face. We all know the drowning hazards of having a backyard pool. But we don't really think of the other … [Read more...]