Baby Shower Gift Idea: Quick Change Kit

quick change kit

Today I attended my sister-in-law's baby shower and during the present opening there were a variety of unique gift ideas that definitely showed that the guests have been keeping up on Pinterest. I knew that I had to share a few of the ideas with you in case you are looking for a great gift idea for a mom-to-be.The "Quick Change Kit" was one of my favorites.It was a … [Read more...]

Bebe au Lait BOGO Event + Giveaway!

Bebe au Lait

Congrats to our winners: Entry #56 - Sarah Z. Entry #633 - Tracy D. If you've been with us a while, you'd know that Bebe au Lait is one of our very favorite nursing covers. Stylish prints, rigid neckline to see and bond with baby and full coverage - what's not to love?The Bebe au Lait cover is easy to use: just put the adjustable strap over your head and drape the … [Read more...]

New Baby Gift for the Big Sister


Bringing a new baby home is a big, big deal especially when you already have an older child. You want the baby to be accepted and loved immediately by the big sister or brother instead of feeling threatened that their time as only child has come to an end. One way to ensure you get off on the right foot with the older sibling is to make the entire experience special. You can … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Babies


Need a gift for the upcoming holiday? We've assembled our top recommendations of the best holiday gifts by age range. Today we are spotlighting our top picks for babies 0-12 months. Just click on the link under the photo for where to purchase the product.[imagebrowser id=11] … [Read more...]

Piggy Paint Review

piggy paint logo

The other week I visited the Cotton Babies store in Vancouver, WA. (Cotton Babies has an online presence, but only 1 physical store on the West Coast and 2 others in the St. Louis area.) I was thrilled to touch, feel, and explore so many of the products I've heard parents rave about over my last 3 years as a parent. It felt like Christmas!One of the new-to-me products I … [Read more...]